Two 11 year olds share what Patriotism is all about

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Two 11 year olds share what Patriotism is all about

Everyone has heard about football players sitting down during the National Anthem to protest one cause or another.  In fact, it’s putting a HUGE dent in the NFL brand, as less and less people are watching.  I’m all for espousing your position on issues, even for NFL stars, but the manner they are doing it in seems to be alienating people who might even be inclined to their position naturally.  Sitting out the National Anthem seems unnecessarily disrespectful to many.

Last week someone asked Seahawks player Doug Baldwin (who does NOT sit during the anthem) what he thought of the protests, and he brought up a good point that I have noted at many football games, that spectators are being disrespectful too:

We’re sitting here having a conversation about whether or not it’s important that a guy stands for the national anthem or sits when the topic is inequality or injustice, but yet I look in the stands at some of our games, both home and away, and I see people that are drunk with their hats still on, yelling. How come you guys aren’t talking to them? How come there’s not a discussion about them?

It always annoys me to see people seated in the stands, or wearing hats, or not covering their hearts.

Now, against that backdrop, look at what these 11 year olds did:

Two Florida elementary school students are being praised for their show of respect for the American flag despite the pouring rain.

Isaac Davis and Nate Helmath, both 11 years old, are safety patrols at Coppergate Elementary School in Middleburg and are in charge of lowering Old Glory at dismissal time.

However, last week, a torrential rainstorm passed over the school, making flag duty a wetter-than-usual experience. Still, driving rains could not stop Isaac and Nate from doing their duty.

The two brought the flag down and completed the 13 folds while standing in the pouring rain.

And here’s the video of them and their teacher:  

Maybe everyone at sporting events could use a refresher on how to treat the flag and the anthem, and I know two 11 year olds that could teach it.

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Kudos to you Isaac and Nate.
I hope your vision doesn't
dim as your youth deminishes.
Be proud.

Great job on respesting the flag! Why does it take 2 11 yr olds towith military background to show us what Americanism means? Stress it more at all levels of education.

I'm a 30yr vet and want to thank them both for a job well done to our flag.

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