25th ID Sergeant First Class arrested for supporting ISIS

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25th ID Sergeant First Class arrested for supporting ISIS

When I first heard about this I just assumed it was some knucklehead PV2 mouthing off.  Nope, this guy was straight up on a mission.

First, the background from Hawaii News Now:

Hawaii News Now - KGMB and KHNL

The fact that the army let this guy stay in is just preposterous, as an article at Stars and Stripes makes clear:

The Army knew Sgt. 1st Class Ikaika Kang had shown support for Islamic State years ago. It even took away his security clearance for a while.

But he stayed in the service, deploying to Afghanistan in 2013.

Then, last weekend, the FBI arrested the 34-year-old on terrorism charges following a yearlong investigation, shortly after Kang declared his loyalty to the terrorist group and exclaimed that he wanted to "kill a bunch of people," according to authorities.

The case highlights the challenges investigators face with protecting the public from a potentially dangerous actor on one hand and gathering sufficient evidence to enable prosecution on the other.

While it’s facially obvious and necessary that this guy be afforded his constitutional rights and such, as we all do, it doesn’t necessarily follow that the Army, knowing he espoused such views, kept promoting him.

Here’s some snippets from the FBI affidavit (CLICK HERE) that show just how ridiculous it was that this guy stayed in and got promoted:

While in the U.S. Army, as far back as 2011, KANG has made threatening statements. He was reprimanded on several occasions for threatening to hurt or kill other service members, and for arguing pro-ISIS views while at work and on-post. Due to these remarks and threats, KANG's security clearance was revoked in 2012, but reinstated the following year after KANG complied with military requirements stemming from the investigation. In early 2016, it appeared that KANG was becoming radicalized, and in or about August 2016, the Army referred this matter to the FBI.

He’s been saying this stuff for seven years, and it just now caught up to him?  Where on Earth could you work in the United States and have a guy espousing pro-enemy propaganda and keep promoting him?   That it is in the military makes it even more bizarre.

Another passage of the affidavit discusses how, while Kang was in Alabama at Rucker doing training, the FBI got a warrant and went in and copied his hard drives and an external thumb drive.  He wasn’t just storing bootleg copies of Game of Thrones:

Subsequent FBI forensic review of the external Seagate hard drive showed that it contained approximately 486 documents that referenced ISIS, ISIL, or violence. These documents included 13 issues of Inspire Magazine. One issue was entitled "Assassination Operations," and another entitled "Targeting."  The external Seagate hard drive also contained approximately 1221 video files that referenced ISIS, ISIL, or violence.

This guy wasn’t just pulling up and storing 1221 videos for his own educational purposes, nor would an Air Traffic Controller in the military have any need for such stuff.  If the guy was a counter intel guy or something, maybe, but an ATC?


25. KANG discussed the possibility of his joining ISIS and fighting for ISIS. He told [a confidential informant, UCE 1] "People still say it's illegal to join them, but the way I look at it is they're just fighting people who are committing genocide there." KANG continued, "I'm just going to go there ... and fight these guys who are committing genocide."

26. When UCE 1 told KANG that he thought ISIS could use KANG's skills, KANG said he wanted to teach combatives to members of ISIS. KANG said he could run a beginners course at ISIS basic training and teach jiu-jitsu, judo, kickboxing, and mixed martial arts. KANG also suggested that he could teach "basic rifle marksmanship."

Again, here is the link for the affidavit, and I encourage you to read it all, but I’m absolutely flummoxed that a guy who espoused such views, was openly hostile to other service-members and had his security clearance revoked was retained in the military.   I’m just glad they got him off the street, but I would imagine this may prompt some introspection in the higher echelons about how far we want second chances to go.

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Long ago I was a member of the 25th ID and am ashamed of this clown's behavior as a member of the Division. Let him do his "jihad" at Leavenworth. How on God's green Earth did he make E-7?
ex-SSG Infantry
1/21 INF 77-80

It is sad, but, simple. There was a Muslim sympathizer "acting" as Commander-In-Chief, with sympathizing appointees. Remember? Obama was "acting" President!! I served under two Democrats, John Kennedy, and Lyndon Johnson. While their constant political interference and restraints on our warfare tactics resulted in getting a lot of good men/women killed/wounded un-necessarily, they were patriotic Americans and a troop openly sympathizing with the enemy would never have been tolerated. Have you noticed, since Trump has taken office, appointed competent military leaders and has allowed them to direct the military actions, we have begun to "WIN"? GOD BLESS THE USA, OUR TROOPS AND FIRST RESPONDERS!!!

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