American Legion needs your help; contact your Members of Congress and impress the importance of a Legion Centennial Coin.

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American Legion needs your help; contact your Members of Congress and impress the importance of a Legion Centennial Coin.

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As you know, The American Legion is about to reach 100 years young, and we’re trying to show the American Public and Legionnaires both the history of The American Legion and what it has meant to American society, from national politics down to providing smaller towns a place to meet and hold civic functions.

In this effort, one thing we would really like is a Centennial coin to honor our founding.  This is handled by Congress, and it’s a fairly high hurdle to reach, as it needs a lot of cosponsors and supporters.

Essentially what I am requesting is that you send your Member of Congress a message (or preferably even visit them in person to make the request) and let’s make this happen.

The easiest way to do this is through our Legislative Action Center which you can reach BY CLICKING HERE.

I’m including a letter that was sent by Virginia Legionnaire and Past Department Commander George Lussier, who wrote what is possibly the best such letter:

Congressman Wittman,

In 2019 The American Legion will celebrate its 100th Anniversary and to honor this milestone, Representatives Walz of Minnesota and Roe of Tennessee introduced H.R. 2519 on May 18, 2017 to require the Secretary of the Treasury to mint commemorative coins to recognize the 100th. Anniversary of The American Legion.  To date there are 126 co-sponsors for this bill but it pains me greatly that not one member of the Virginia Congressional Delegation signed on as a co-sponsor for this bill.  And, the same holds true for those representing us in the Senate with companion bill S. 1182 which currently has 28 co-sponsors.

Virginia has been honored to have four of our citizens serve as the National Commander of The American Legion; Dan Daniel in 1956-57 who later served in the U.S. House of Representatives representing the 5th. District. Then there was a World War II veteran, Eldon James of Hampton who served in 1965-66 followed by Harold ‘Butch’ Miller of Woodbridge Post 364, a Vietnam-era Army Veteran who served in 1998-99; and finally, Dan Dellinger, another Vietnam-era Army Veteran from Vienna Post 180 who served in 2013-14.  Now, we have a candidate from Manassas, Brett Reistad, who will server for the 100th. Anniversary. Brett followed his service in the Army with a career in law enforcement as a member of the Fairfax County Police Department.

American Legion members in Virginia are very active serving our Veterans and their families with many visiting our VA Hospitals on a regular schedule; others supporting our Boys State program where we bring almost 800 rising seniors from around the Commonwealth to teach them the intricacies of government at the local, state and national levels; then there is the American Legion Police Cadet program where we bring 50 young men and women to the State Police Academy for a week of study in preparation for a possible career in law enforcement; the Oratorical program and the scholarships provided; assistance to needy Veterans and their families, and the list can go on.  With roughly ten percent of Virginia’s population numbering around 800,000 being veterans, and more than 60,000 serving as members of The American Legion family in the Commonwealth, I would hope that this would be an easy action to take to show support for our Veterans.

I realize that Congress only authorizes two coins per year and one has already been approved for 2019, so there is only one left so it is extremely important that we have the support of the Virginia delegation and I ask you now if you will lead this effort by being the first to sign on the bill as a co-sponsor and then to encourage those serving with you to also sign on as co-sponsors.

If you need further information on this bill you can contact me and I will try to answer your questions or you can have a member of your Staff contact our Grassroots Coordination, Jeff Steele, in our Washington DC office.  He can be reached via email at or phone at 202-263-2987.

I want to thank you in advance for your support of this legislation for I know how dedicated you are to the Veterans in the Commonwealth.

Respectfully submitted,

George C. Lussier Jr.

Past Department Commander


Currently, the House Bill, H.R. 2519 has 134 cosponsors, and you can look to see if your Congressman is one of them by CLICKING HERE.

Senate Bill 1182 currently has 39, and that list can be found by CLICKING HERE.  In the Senate, a number of Senators from the following states have already signed on:  Alaska, Arkansas, Idaho, Illinois, Maine[2], Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, West Virginia.   Please try to make it a personal effort to ensure that both your Senators and your Member of Congress are aware of this effort and know how important it is to The American Legion.


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As a Life Member, I wholeheartedly support the idea/concept of a Centennial Commemorative Coin, but I certainly hope the coin depicted IS NOT what we will see in eighteen months time. I expect a more professional piece of art. We the AL have an outstanding "star" logo; it needs to be properly replicated on the coin, and the reverse side should also reflect the excellence our membership has achieved the last hundred years........

I love AL... and love what they have done, throughout history for our vets...... but someone please explain why we need to spend taxpayer dollars to mint commemorative coins... especially in a largely cash-less society where coinage is steeply on the decline anyway (to include collectibles). Don't we have better vets' causes to be lobbying our Congressman for?

Obverse with the American Legion emblem. Reverse with WWI Doughboy Soldier. US Mint engravers in Philadelphia, PA did an outstanding job with US Silver Dollar proof in 2005 of Marine Corps Emblem and Iwo Jima memorial.

As s young Vet I love this ideal and will reach out also. Can't wait to get mine.

Yes, I think it would be an honor to the American Legion and Veterans by having a Commemorative Coin in honor of their efforts to help the communities around the country!!!

The obverse of the coin is fine - The American Legion proudly depicted. However, the reverse should not have black color of any hue. The reverse more properly would be, (and should be) RED, WHITE, and BLUE in colors of The Flag of the United States of America.


I am a PUFL member of The American Legion of 45 years.

JEH - Seattle, WA

Dear Sen. Kennedy, The American Legion deserves your vote to help pass this bill. Please give it your full consideration. Former Marine and former member of the Air National Guard.

Michael A. Vestuto

I have been a member of the Miami, Florida American Legion Post 29 for seventy (70) years and wholeheartedly support this worthy endeavor. It would be educating for the national membership to be informed of the final results (quantity produced vs sales, distribution of income from sales/donations,etc,)

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