How's that "Seamless Transition" working out?

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How's that "Seamless Transition" working out?

This is somewhat unsurprising to any of us who have made the transition lately:

WASHINGTON — Two years ago, leaders from the Defense Department and Veterans Affairs promised to redouble efforts to make seamless, lifetime medical records a reality for troops enlisting in the military.

Now, officials acknowledge it could take up to six more years to get the agencies’ separate digital medical records systems coordinated. Information technology experts say departmental infighting is hobbling the effort, and question whether the agencies will be able to stick to even the six-year estimate, considering their rocky past.

Veterans groups are frustrated as well, especially with a wave of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans already beginning to seek health care services at VA facilities.

They have a GREAT quote in here from TAL's Deputy Director of VA, Jacob Gadd:

“Every year they talk about a new plan,” said Jacob Gadd, Deputy Director for Health Care at the American Legion. “They just need to pick one that works and move forward already.”


Two comments from This Ain't Hell I thought were especially good, even though they seem to disagree with each other. 

First, "Open Channel D" says:

Neither agency wants to give up their respecitve EHR (electronic health records) and the fat budgets that go with them. The VA is committed to VISTA and the DoD is hooked on ALTHA (CHCS). The joint project in Great Lakes is a fustercluck. They need to scrap both systems in favor of a cradle to grave EHR in a common operating environment (the cloud). Billions of dollars have been pissed away on this and we’re falling behind more every day.

Then "DaveO" responds:

The military and the VA use the VA’s ViSTA system. Same programs, same database. The metadata, taxonomies – the same. There are some different applications, such as when a naval ship is at sea, so it can’t up/download new data.

It’s like you and your neighbor buying the exact same car.

This is about money and power: who owns the database – the giant server farm(s) necessary to host the applications and SM/vet records?

Who will see their bureau grow, and receive promotions in the GS ranks – power: real power, real money – goes to the victor.

They can share data today. Storage, archiving, config management, and so on: all political, all about money and power.

Read the article at the original source, and then check out the discussion between Dave O and Open Channel D, both of whom seem to know what they are talking about.

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Well not one of the positions I applied for, after going through the transition from green to blue collared shirts has ever called me in for any interview. The "help" I got was on how to properly make a useful resume. And I thought I was doing good with what I had. All the military jargon and MOS identifiers were changed to civilian titles a long with all my other so called "BEAMING" qualifications. Now here I sit a certified Aircraft Power Plant Mechanic that hasn't found any meaningful work in my field. So I have been moon lighting as a cook for a fast food chain. Going to school trying to get my degree in Computer Science, Working for pennies when I should me making well over 40k a year.

And as far as my medical records go, from the time that it took for me to move from the FT Campbell area home and make it to my first VA appointment the medical records "disappeared". LUCKILY I had made 2 copies of the originals and had them both verified as well as notarized before I left post for good. I cant imagine what kinda of nonsense I would to have put up with trying to get my knee fixed if I hadn't been proactive and got those copies made.

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