Anti-fascists destroy Marine Corps recruiting station for reasons that make no sense to me

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Anti-fascists destroy Marine Corps recruiting station for reasons that make no sense to me

I don't really want to write this one because I fear the tangents that the comment section will go off on, but so be it.  Here we go.

For some reason anti-fascist groups decided to take vengeance upon the fascist window panes of a Marine Recruiting Depot:

An Antifa protest in Berkeley became violent on Sunday when members of the group smashed the windows of a Marine Corps recruiting office. A series of photos posted on Twitter show Antifa members, self-styled anti-facists who use violence to oppose those they identify as fascists, racists or right wing extremists, destroying the windows of the Shattuck Avenue office.

Twenty people were arrested during competing demonstrations by Antifa and individuals connected to the alt-right. Three people were hurt after authorities say "extremists" threw explosives at police officers, Fox News reports. The explosives are believed to have consisted of fireworks and flares....

Ford Fischer, who recorded video of the incident, tweeted that several Antifa members told him to leave, telling him, "Get the f— back. Cops aren't here. They won't help you."

Here's a video, I assume the one that Fischer shot, but I'm not certain on that:

 Marine Corps Times adds some more:

The windows of the downtown Berkeley Shattuck Ave. Marine station were targeted allegedly by counter-protest movement called Antifa, short for “anti-fascists.” The group is known to use violence to confront “alt-right” groups.

“At 1:45 pm [Sunday], the windows of the Marine Corps Recruiting Center (64 Shattuck Square) were vandalized,” Officer Byron White, a spokesman for the Berkeley Police Department, told Marine Corps Times. “From videos seen on social media, the suspects appeared to have repeatedly hit the windows with a hammer or tire iron — causing an estimated $2000 worth of damage.”

No Marines were present at the station during the incident and the recruiting station is continuing to conduct business as normal, according to Capt. Chad Hill, a spokesman for 12th Marine Corps District.

Now, with the that out of the way, I should note that a lot of groups do destructive and stupid things, and somehow they justify it (I guess) in their own minds, but it never makes sense.  I guess we just have to accept that people are stupid.  Protesting is a very fine thing, and goes back to the founding of the country.  However, destroying government property means that they have to replace that property, and that money is paid for by all of us.  So this isn't like vandalizing Disney because you found something irreparably wrong with Moana (my one year old son's first crush), which would be idiotic, illegal and asinine, but would at least plausibly be related to what you were trying to do.  But the entire public pays for those windows, including presumably any antifa members who pay taxes.

Maybe there are hordes of fascists in Berkeley I don't know about.  Either way, I know of a time when there were a bunch of fascists in Italy, Germany and Japan and we sent some people over to deal with them.  As near as I can remember it wasn't organic brocoli growers, or college administrators or even disgruntled librarians.  It was Marines.  And Army guys, and Navy people.  (I'm not forgetting you AF peeps, I think it was still under the Army then, no?)

Our Constitution grants you many things, such as peaceful assembly, rights to petition the government, right to vote and so on.  No where in our documents is there a right to take a hammer to the window of a recruiting station.  It's senseless violence and destruction of property, the price of which is borne by everyone, not the people you were ostensibly trying to protest in the first place.   Then again, Antifa also decided to protest the election of the new President by striking a blow against white supremacy and the super attacking and destroying a limo run by a Muslim American immigrant small business owner who was just trying to make a living on his limo company.

If you ever find yourself thinking: "I think the best way to get my message across will require a hammer" then you should probably rethink not just your position but your purpose on this planet.

And, if you just absolutely, positively have to run around in black pajamas with weaponry, you are in luck, as the town of Igam, Japan has a great job opportunity for you: they are hiring ninjas.

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Stop calling them anti-fascists - they ARE fascists. Second, stop calling their activities "protests". They are criminal thugs, their actions are meant to harass and intimidate.

These people don't seem to know the difference between Fascist and Communist. When it comes to radicals on the left and right, I hope people now understand what Trump was saying when he said there is bad on both sides. It's ok to be a little bit to the left or a little bit to the right. But today you are a radical if you lean a little one way or the other. And there is no moderate anymore!!! To be PC today you have to be ultra left or right. There is no middle ground any more. I like making up my own mind and not being told what is correct. But to be PC I must choose a side and follow the line w/o thinking... Like Antifa or Nazism, Communism.

After reading comments from supposed veterans supporting this anti-American group and denigrating the duly elected President, I take exception to their position and challenge their honesty about serving. One such character, a black man claiming to be a Vietnam Vet, spews nothing but racial hatred that is reminiscent of the anarchist I served with in 1970 - more militant than military. It is easy to see the site has been populated with non-veterans as they are scumbags of the first kind. As a retired Marine and former recruiter I can tell you the Marines would not have engaged with this large gang of baby thugs without some firepower. And with the type of PC Canoe U grads in charge today, the Marine would have become sacrificial lambs had the recruiters took measures to secure the building. Semper Fi

I really wonder what these schools are teaching? I'm amazed the lack of respect these a-holes continue to show on a daily basis. Thankfully there were no Marines there,(of course it was a SUNDAY). Had there been any I hope the casualties would've been these rejects from the delivery room. Berkeley has made a name for themselves as a COMMUNISTIC/SOCIALISTIC run school and has been a thorn in the side of education since the 60's.!

I often wonder if 40% ,or so were dropped on there head as babies.Why don't the police put a stop to anyone wearing a Ninja outfit at a so called protest that's not even a protest.A rest these disgusting Communists thuggs! The real American People have had enough of this nonsense.Media outlets are promoting narratives that push for Civil Unrest.Both left and right! These kind of acts are un-patriotic,and Un-American.These thuggs that raise anarchy in the streets are un-patriotic filth,and should be treated as such.They don't want dialogue through a peacful process. They want War! Be careful what you ask for you thuggish pile of un-patriotic filth.You just might get what you ask for! In due time Re-education is coming.You all have been warned before! Most of you pampered low life thuggish un-patriotic filth willbe met with a force that you don't want to mess with. Re-education is well needed,and I support free speech, but this stuff should not be tolerated any longer in the streets of America.Clean up the filth and Re-educate the ones that can be Re-educated. I served my Country with Honor,and this filth has to be cleaned up off of our Streets yesterday.That's not the American Way of life,or is it? Your fate is in your useless hands! Your resistance to the laws and orders of this land will be dealt with,and you will not like the consequences.

Every one of these slime ball morons,
should be arrested, made to pay, and then sent to a forced labor camp.

Has anyone heard of the horseshoe theory? Read up on it.

Russian propaganda is pushed at both alt-left and alt-right. These groups formed are the result. FOX, Breitbart and Infowars are their platform.

I am very disappointed that the authorities do not arrest these criminals.
It is against the law to wear masks and hoodies in public.

I see that the station was empty. Come on back and try to destroy it when there are Marines in the building. I think the confrontation will be a little different.


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