National Commander Denise Rohan comment on turmoil at VA

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National Commander Denise Rohan comment on turmoil at VA

Obviously there's a lot going on with the VA Secretary nomination, and many folks are asking us our position.  Because of our bylaws and constitution we don't get into secretary appointments or nominations (which are preferments):

The American Legion shall be absolutely nonpolitical and shall not be used for the dissemination of partisan principles nor for the promotion of the candidacy of any person seeking public office or preferment.

That said, we issued a public statement today that I wanted to share in full:

The American Legion is very concerned about the current lack of permanent leadership at the Department of Veterans Affairs.  Nearly 100 years ago, The American Legion fought to create the VA, and our two million wartime veteran members view the department as a symbol of the American people’s commitment to our nation’s veterans.  The VA is a physical reminder of our nation’s promises to care for those who return from war injured or ill, to care for the families of the fallen, and to help veterans transition successfully to the civilian economy following their service. 

While the VA is the nation’s second largest bureaucracy with a budget of $200B and more than 350,000 employees, we believe it is entirely manageable and effective when staffed with motivated, experienced, and competent people.  Our veterans deserve a properly led, efficient, and transparent VA that delivers on the American people’s promises. 

The VA has made significant improvements in modernizing and realigning the department since 2014 and was headed in the right direction under the past two incumbents.  Our nation’s veterans deserve a strong, competent and experienced secretary to lead this vitally important department. 

As a Congressionally-chartered veteran service organization, The American Legion does not advocate for or against individuals seeking elected or appointed positions.  We expect that whomever is confirmed by the U.S. Senate will be a person of character who takes care of our nation’s veterans.

We have faith in the U.S. Senate’s due diligence and will work with whomever they confirm to be the 10th Secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Denise Rohan

National Commander

The American Legion

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The VA needs to “clean house” from the top. Too many chiefs & not enough indians! Prime example of bureaucratic madness and the ones who lose out are the Veterans! How do I know? I’m a retired VA employee (32 years).

I am 100% P&T combat disabled. I have seen the VA work very well, then a steady decline a decade and more ago and the slide began. Today, it is a train wreck, Anyone thinks you can fix FUBAR is delusional.
6-8 years as the mass resignations of dedicated Physicians and employees was rampant, care plummeted. Those who fought advocating for real patient care and lost are not going to return. The dedicated ones still left are not enough The culture now is full of people whose goal is to preserve the VA, (and cook the books). Bureaucrats, however sincere are not going to do anymore than caulk and paint over systemic rot until people start to get indited, and that is as likely as pigs flying .

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