Jacksonville city inspector cites company for flying US Military Flags, promptly decimated on social media, even by her Mayor

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Jacksonville city inspector cites company for flying US Military Flags, promptly decimated on social media, even by her Mayor


I was all set to get the Outrage Machine working at full capacity this morning, but it looks like the Mayor of Jacksonville rendered it moot fairly quickly.

 A Jacksonville city inspector walked into a Cedar Hills Estate business to issue a warning citation over the display of military flags and employees said she insulted a customer who turned out to be a military veteran.

Surveillance video captured city inspector Melinda Power getting in the face of the customer at Jaguar Power Sports on Blanding Boulevard. 

Employees told News4Jax on Monday that she was so disruptive and disrespectful to the veteran, they asked her to leave. 

About noon Monday, Power went into the store and issued a written warning citation because she said military flags flying on the roof were in violation of city code. The rooftop display includes two United States flags, a Jacksonville Jaguars flag and flags representing each branch of the military.

“We cater to our men and women, both retired and active military, so it was personal. We felt like it was a personal attack," store manager Marcy Moyer said.

We’ll get to that video in a second, but what on Earth was this inspector thinking?  I mean seriously.  It’s one thing to hand out some dopey citation, but then to get into a verbal shouting match with a customer?  That’s not a great look.  And when you see the video, you can tell who the aggressor is RIGHT off.

But, then Jacksonville Mayor Lenny Curry stepped in before a full on conflagration could get going, sending out two tweets and then a statement:

  1. I Have directed city staff that military flags should be treated same as US flag. Let them fly. I Have reached out to the business owner & will review employee procedures. COJ employees r expected to be respectful of our customers - you, the people of Jacksonville.
  2. We support our military and veterans, and we appreciate businesses who honor their service.

“We are disturbed by some of the claims made about a City employee and are reviewing the facts. We are also reviewing the current ordinances regarding flags and signs to ensure accurate information was shared. The business was issued a warning, and was not fined. Warnings are issued to provide property owners information about a possible violation, and corrective action.

"I have contacted the dealership and provided the owner with the mayor’s contact information for them to discuss directly. Mayor Curry and his administration respect and appreciate those in uniform who have served and continue to serve our community, and our country.”

Watching the video, the inspector comes off even worse if that is possible:

I’m not even going to pretend what this inspector was thinking.  It seems odd that this was the fight she was going to take on.  It’s like picking a fight with Mike Tyson, you know pretty much how it is going to end, and it’s not sipping Pina Coladas on the beach together.

Kudos also to the unnamed veteran who appears calm throughout. 

UPDATE: Allegedly the woman involved in this has apologized:

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Why do you want to take someone’s lively hood who made mistake and apologized. I quest you have never made a mistake. I forgive her and I am retired USAR.

That was not a sincere apology. She didn't even bother to check her spelling. It would have taken her only thirty seconds.

Tared, feathered and deported along with 90% of of Washington, D.C. would be much so much better.

She needs to go!!!!

Why is a national organization giving this story more publicity? It was resolved. Something I learned in the military was resolving issues at the lowest level. In this time of everyone freaking and putting their opinion on EVERY situation, I thought an organziation like AL would take the high road and cover real stories that affect the military and not just one person. It was resolved. Don't continue to stir up this story and make it a national issue. Majority of members are not Jacksonville residents so this has no impact on us. Also, this is one person. And the mayor resolved it.

Because I had received no less than 10 messages asking why we weren't covering it.

You sound like the type that thinks it's OK for NFL players to kneel in protest of the flag. Just sweep it under the rug and it will go away. Wrong.

Why do employees think that they have pen and pad, think they rule the world?? She states her family has a military linage and tells a veteran that he did nothing for the USA, she better thing again about her military connections.

I recently heard this statement and it seems really appropriate: We all need to remember that POWER IS RENTED, NOT OWNED.

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