Bergdahl sentenced: dishonorable discharge, $10,000, reduction to private, no jail time

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Bergdahl sentenced: dishonorable discharge, $10,000, reduction to private, no jail time

Look, I am every bit as flummoxed as the rest of you, and really don’t understand any more than the next guy.  I have a friend who in Afghanistan drank beer outside the wire (great troop, horrible decision) who actually ended up getting harsher punishment.  So no, I can’t explain it.  There’s some theories, shared below, that comments by President Trump prejudiced the result.  If true, that is troubling, because don’t we look for our candidates and political leaders to actual state their opinion on things?

We’ll start with FoxNews, discussing the decision:  

My friend Pete Hegseth on FoxNews interviewed a team leader in Bergdahl’s platoon:

“Speechless” and “disappointed” pretty much describes the opinion of everyone I’ve talked to as well.

Rachel Maddow on MSNBC basically says that Bergdahl has President Trump to thank: 

I don’t know if I truly buy that theory, but there are many who think that way.  The New York Times article that Maddow references can be found here:

President Trump’s harsh criticism of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, who walked off his Army post in Afghanistan in 2009 and was captured by the Taliban, will weigh in favor of a lighter sentence for the sergeant, a military judge said on Monday.

“I will consider the president’s comments as mitigation evidence as I arrive at an appropriate sentence,” the judge, Col. Jeffery R. Nance of the Army, said during a hearing at Fort Bragg. The judge is expected to sentence Sergeant Bergdahl in the next few weeks.

The judge rejected a request that he dismiss the case or cap the length of the sentence on the grounds that the president’s comments had precluded a fair hearing. The judge said he had not been influenced by the remarks and that the public’s confidence in the military justice system had not been undermined.

For his part, Bergdahl tried to make the case to ABC News that he isn’t a traitor: 

I really don’t have anything to add.  It’s as inexplicable to me as it probably is to the rest of you.   But, it’s done.  This is how the justice system works, like it or not.

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My feeling is that he is not worthy of any thoughts! I turn my back on him!! as he did on his team mates!!!!

He is not worth the time even to revile him Do what he did to his team mates. Turn our backs to him!

Should have put him under the stockade

Judge hates Trump wanted to make it look like the presidents opinion
Resulted in Berggie being set free. So the judge freed a criminal because
He hates President Trump. Yes he’s a snowflake.

President Trump's comments are extraneous to the facts of the case and have no bearing on it and form no basis for the court martial judge's reference to or consideration of those comments. The central facts of the case are that Bergdahl deserted in the face of the enemy, which consequently put soldiers in his unit at risk that resulted in severe life-changing wounds to soldiers sent to search for him. For that crime he deserves to be shot.

This travesty is not justice. Bergdahl was mentally unfit for service from the beginning, and never should have been there to begin. Those wanting to blame him forget that the system failed--and the responsibility is shared by all those who failed and allowed him to get there in the first place. Just like those who allowed Major AH at Fort Hood to get away with BS for years. Bergdahl is not the problem, he is a symptom. My .02.

No Judge should ever let remarks by others influence their decision.
This is our new Political Correct Army.

Bergdahl should be busting rocks in Leavenworth with that Texas Air Force Mass murdering terd. I will not name that pos. One deserts in a war zone and the other planned mass murder to eliminate his chain of command. The one is captured by the Taliban. The other is sent a mental hospital where he escapes. The Air Force terd later cracks a baby skull. His sentence 1 year by military judges. He gets a BCD for that. Really, no dishonorable discharge? You have to be joking, right? I wish it was a joke. The real joke is the military justice system. Maybe it is time to turn over high level crimes to a special court that is composed of professional judges not able to be influenced by high ranking officers who routinely demonstrate malfeasance dealing with these issues. It is clear the military has done a terrible and even ridiculous job handling these cases. Bergdahl's actions killed fellow soldiers. The lack of USAF high ranking officer's competence resulted in the death of many children's lives while attending church with their family in a small Texas town. Some senior officers should resign or be reprimanded and forced to resign. Enough is enough.

Last time I looked, desertion in the face of the enemy is one of the few Federal offences you be put to death. Enough said!

Couldn't agree with you more. Something must be wrong with the judges. Obama let's a military traditor go free and have a sex transformation. This nut job is now seen on cable/TV as a hero. I bet this guy has a book contract just waiting. We serve with or blood and sweat. Many have given their lives for a war that shouldn't have happen. These guy give away secrets and noting major happens to them.

The judge really open the door for everyone that pulls this act to get off free. He just threw a whle lot of vets under the bus.

Disgraceful. I am a USN Seabee, Viet Nam Veteran, According to the UCMJ He committed one of the most serious crimes in a combat zone, one can commit. Not only did he desert his post, he also committed Treason. The minimum should have been life with out parole, And or hung! Was the Judge on drugs or just plain understanding of the charges. Very disappointed and confused by this whole situation.Thank you for allowing me to vent my anger and frustation.

Now they are looking to see if this traiter back pay! How stupid can they be?

what has happen to the system i was ko would diea would have been shot cant beleave this s t i love and would die for are flag not any more ??????????

The UCMJ has never been justice, that is why I choose not to make a career in the military. The sentence of Bergdahl is a prim example of injustice of the UCMJ

Early this am as I sat at Denny's Restaurant in Toledo, enjoying a free pre Vets day breakfast, I watched a Marine Vet limp out of his car assisted by a friend and came into the restaurant. When I left I saw his car had a Viet Nam vet bumper sticker and a Purple Heart vanity plate. I immediately went back into the restaurant to thank him and wish him a happy Marine Corp birthday. November 10, 1775. THEN I came home to read this article about this worthless judge. Suddenly I've lost the joy and pride I had early this am. God Bless America and God Bless all you Vets out there...... (( Thank you Denny's Restaurant for honoring U.S. Vets today ))

I served in Vietnam and IRAC. What that he did was a against all that we as US Military training and believe in. He walked off his post in a war zone. If I did that in Vietnam it was a death penilty.

That's all he got , can't see how he got away with it . he should have been sent to NORTH KOREA , see if he likes that .!!!!.

I served honorable in the U. S. Navy for 23 years. I am appalled of this decision of that Army Colonel. Bergdahls as a minimum should serve the time he deserted. He disgraced the army, his fellow soldiers and his family. Colonel retire as you will never be a General

happy vets day Bergdahl. some of us vets went through hades and more. I am a prime example. US 52451733 MY car was just taken by the authorities. I am 100 percent disabled!. cheerio point man Bravo.

I n wartime a deserter faces a fireing squad. not only left his post but got other men killed looking for him. looks like some one made a lot of money on this one.

i am a ww2 veteran and when a Gi choose to commit treason
he was shot this happened in England in 1943 check it

Comments from the above were GREAT! Especially from Wes Marsh and Peter Fontana! LIFE WITHOUT PAROL IS TOO GOOD11. HANGING would BE BETTER11 THIS WOULD SET AN EXAMLPE FOR THE FUTURE11

In a patriotic Country this pos would have gotten the death penalty! What happened to the patriotism in this Country? Everybody's so careful not to offend anyone so much that Justice and common sense are disappearing. If I was one of the soldiers who got injured looking for him, I'd be hunting him down for some REAL justice (and payback)!

DisgustingJ use of judicial power...the Judge should serve Bergdahls crime since he gave him his freedom .....Bergdahl was a traitor to all of us who served our country in the military...

I don't know the whole story of this person but isn't it about time to stop giving this guy more news coverage? He now is going to write a book and make money when the government should have thrown the book at him. The government should have forgot about him just like they have forgotten about those who honorably served. Stop the turning the knife in the back of those who served HONORABLY!!!!!

The deserter should get nothing except jail time. The judge is a snowflake

B. B. Should be in front of a firing squad. I would want a live round.

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