FedEx Guy fever sweeps the country

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FedEx Guy fever sweeps the country

Without fail, everytime I go on vacation something comes up worth blogging about.  And this time it was FedEx Guy:

Uhrin is an Army veteran as well, and his quote in this article was first rate:

“I don’t believe that I deserve the praise. I never wanted it. It’s humbling. It is. It really hurts when you see (the flag) disgraced — and I think that’s why everybody loves it the way they do. Each person has their own reasons why they signed the dotted line and the ones that are really the heroes are the ones that were injured, maimed, killed — the ones that never got to see home again. They are the heroes. I want people to realize I don’t have Twitter. I’m not gonna be out there asking for stuff. If you want to buy me a meal, if you want to buy me a beer, if you want to send me gift card or something, I would rather you guys take that money and there is a plethora list of veteran charities that would be in need of money,” Uhrin said.

Some of the online memes (pictures of him photoshopped in) are classic, like this one:

You can see more of them by clicking HERE.

The Legion issues a press release praising FedEx Guy and another bystander:

American Legion National Commander Charles E. Schmidt praised the patriotism of a young FedEx driver and another man who confronted flag-burning protesters Thursday in Iowa City. The driver, Matt Uhrin of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, used a fire extinguisher to douse smoldering flags and angrily rescued at least one from demonstrators at a pedestrian mall in downtown Iowa City.

“We have been told that a flag-protection amendment to the Constitution is unnecessary because no one burns flags anymore,” Schmidt said. “In recent weeks, we’ve all seen that’s far from accurate. Mr. Uhrin and another young man who stepped in to stop the flag burners in Iowa City clearly understand that deliberate destruction of our nation’s most profound symbol of unity is both a violation of logic and an insult to all who have served our country in uniform. As leader of the nation’s largest organization of wartime veterans, I commend them for stepping up in defense of our nation’s colors.”

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled 5-4 in 1989 that flag burning is a legal act of free speech protected under the First Amendment. The American Legion, the Citizens Flag Alliance and the majority of the U.S. public disagree and continue to work with Congress to pass a constitutional amendment giving it the power to prohibit physical desecration of the U.S. flag.

Worth noting when praising FedEx for not firing Uhrin is that the founder of FedEx, Frederich Smith is a Marine Veteran of Vietnam with a heck of a record:

  • While in college, Frederick Smith was a member of the same fraternity as George W. Bush and was also a member of the Skull and Bones society. Bush and he became friends in college, which subsequently lead to Bush offering him the position of Defense Secretary in his administration, which Smith ultimately turned down twice, once due to his own health, and the second time, during Bush’s second administration, due to Smith’s terminally ill daughter.
  • Smith was also good friends with John Kerry.  The two shared a love of flying and would often fly together.  One can only imagine the awkwardness when Smith endorsed Bush over Kerry in the 2004 presidential elections.
  • Smith also served two tours of duty in Vietnam in the Marines, earning a Silver Star, a Bronze Star, and two Purple Hearts, eventually being discharged with the rank of Captain in 1969.

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Uhrin, I am a 66 year old Army Veteran and yes you are a true hero!! I am so very proud of you and to bad more citizens don't do the same thing as you did. Maybe if we brought back the draft, us vets and the flag would get a little more respect! I truly hope our Congress changes this law. God Bless You and God Bless Our Country.

What a brave man amids a bunch of cowards they will all get there due.

When I saw this tears came to my eyes.. The flag is special in a way to everyone.
The day I enlisted in the Army Feb 23, 1970. I ran into my uncle my dads younger brother. First thing he said what have you been up to?? I said I just enlisted in the Army he fell into a slump...
I knew he was a Vet and had Malaria as we helped him farm when he went to the VA hospital, but what I learned during the next two hours I have in a 5 page story he NEVER shared with his only son or wife and never talked to me about it again.. He witnessed the flags go up on Iwo Jima February 23 1945 exactly 25 years to the day I enlisted.. I will tell you one part of the story he told me..
He said "The Blood ran down the hills as if it were raining". It is much more graphic then that... One Bronze Star as I have his DD-214 as I do with almost all of our relatives that served from the Civil War to Iraq and all Wars in-between Army, Navy Air force, Marines and Coast Guard. One page of all the details our Civil War soldiers fought the battles they were in one was wounded and where one was killed.. We lost one K.I.A. in Vietnam and one M.I.A. he was washed overboard on his way to Vietnam in Shark infested waters as the government put him on a cargo ship rather than a troop ship..
His dad was Marine he also was there the day the flag went up but neither knew it until they came home.......................We also have a 3rd relative that was also there that day I just found out only about 3 years ago.. I always wondered why they all sat together at family picnics and get togethers.......Gary...........................
Some time truth is stranger than fiction.
.............................One thing I have learned Freedom is Not Free.................................
Draft Dodgers and punks beware ... Do Not come around my house and Burn a Flag...................

One BRAVE man in uniform.

As a Vietnam Vet I applaud the Fed Ex Guy. He is a Patriotic American and acted out of love for the flag.

In the lexicon of the lefty, FedEx man was triggered by the protesters hate speech and took action to end the protestors' macro aggression. Long may she wave, here's to you FedEx man!

Currently and unfortunately it is not illegal to burn the US Flag. It should be, and if we patriots make enough noise, we have a good chance of changing that. Kudos to the FedEx people for supporting their patriotic brave employees. We are making America great again!

OK, Lets send Washington another message ! If you are willing to give Trump a chance (Unlike the Dems and New Media), If you are not registered Republican consider switching your voting registration to Republican ( I did ! ) That will send all the swamp people another powerful message. It might even go viral ? Tell your family and friends. Thank You, Make America Great Again !

A big thank you to the Fed Ex man, and to our veterans for all you have done and are doing. May God Bless You

I wrote a newspaper article years ago during the Vietnam War about this. I stated then that the flag is a symbol of freedom and of our nation. To burn it is a great insult to the majority of Americans. It is similar to burning a Catholic's crucifix as a protest. No matter how the courts interpret, wrong is wrong. I am a Vietnam Vet, retired Air Force, and a proud member of the American Legion and the VFW. Unfortunately, we have passed laws that protect the underbelly scum of our country instead of protecting those that work, serve, and worship.

I am an Army retiree of almost 30 years. Vietnam vet, Legion member. Live just an hour away from Iowa City. God Bless the Fed Ex employee and God Bless the Fed Ex organization for stepping up to the plate. I know, there is no law that says how t he flag must be treated, it is the US flag code which has no penalties attached but right is right! The majority of the citizens of this great nation are on the side of right, they proved it in the most recent election. for several years, we have permitted the noisy majority to dictate the rules. I have a feeling much of that is about to come to a screeching halt and that is what has these "snowflakes" so upset. God Bless the USA!

What were you A telephone operator? We who Really served abhore the burning of our national symbol
we would even kill to protect it. THAT IS WHY WE SERVED!!!

I, like several people mentioned, had tears in my eyes. I liked the Col's comment about "snowflakes". And I hope that he is right,"it's about to come to a screeching halt."

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