Chelsea/Bradley Manning has sentence commuted

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Chelsea/Bradley Manning has sentence commuted

Not much I need to add of this one. 

First from CNN:

President Barack Obama on Tuesday overruled his secretary of defense to commute the sentence of former Army soldier Chelsea Manning, who was convicted of stealing and disseminating 750,000 pages of documents and videos to WikiLeaks.

The decision -- which a senior defense official told CNN was made over the objections of Secretary of Defense Ash Carter -- immediately touched off a controversy in the closing days of the Obama administration.
A former intelligence official described being "shocked" to learn of Obama's decision, adding that the "entire intelligence community is deflated by this inexplicable use of executive power." The official said the move was "deeply hypocritical given Obama's denunciation of WikiLeaks' role in the hacking of the (Democratic National Committee)."
Jake Tapper did a brief segment on it last night, but there was a better one later on CNN:

Needless to say, TAL was less that enthusiastic:

National Commander Charles E. Schmidt n criticized President Obama’s decision today to commute the sentence of an ex-soldier convicted of violating the U.S. Espionage Act along with many other charges.

Chelsea Manning served in the U.S. Army as Pvt. Bradley Manning before being arrested and sentenced to 35 years at Fort Leavenworth for leaking a classified video to the website WikLeaks.

“Anybody who has ever served in the U.S. military understands the seriousness of protecting classified material,” Schmidt said. “Private Manning put American lives at risk. Manning was convicted of 20 out of 22 charges. Releasing this prisoner sends precisely the wrong message to all Americans who are entrusted to keep our national secrets secret.”

Schmidt, a retired Air Force officer and Vietnam War veteran, also expressed “serious concern” over the pardon of Gen. James Cartwright, who pled guilty in October to one charge of making false statements to federal investigators after he was accused of leaking top secret information.

“General Cartwright had a long and distinguished career but would he have been treated the same if he were a sergeant?” Schmidt asked. “These inexplicable moves do nothing to discourage future offenders from violating their oaths to protect America’s national security. The American Legion is hoping that President Obama is not considering more commutations and pardons of this nature before he leaves office on Friday.”

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It really does my heart good to know that you are an expert on southern military culture. I guess that you have studied that . I would like to see those facts .I think that you are just blathering. If they were convicted they should stay in jail.

I support the President' s commutation of the unreasonably harsh unprecedented sentence of Chelsea Manning as I have supported President Obama all along. He is worthy of being addressed as Mr. President. I cannot render the same courtesy to his successor tomorrow.

1st, thank God your supported one is gone in something less than 17 hours. As to commutation, 70 years ago this guy would've been shot for what he did & I wouldn't have had a problem with that!

Once again the Commander in Chief, showed his moral courage by saying that Manning has suffered enough. Anyone who has had access to classified material probably knows that most material is highly OVER classified. I agree that I would like the Legion Commander to direct his efforts to looking out for veterans and leave the political comments to the numerous blogs. The Commander does not speak for me, nor for all of the American Legion, He should be clear on this point. He is not the American Legion.

Excellent points David!

I agree, the American Legion should be intrested in Veteran Benifits and othe related issues. I had a Top Secret security in the Hospital Corps, and I have NO IDEA why. I do know it put me in dire straits many times. Most medical personnel only have Classified or Secret security clearences. Leave the non-veteran comments to the facebook, twitter and other bloggers.

This is Obama playing to the LGBTs for next election's support of Democrats. Manning should NOT have gotten off w only 6 years; I hope the new AG can find a way to try him on the two counts of which he/she was not convicted and throw him/her back in the hole for another 30 years, or more. This is way too far beyond 'reasonable' it is patently ridiculous!
And the COMMANDER of any organization IS the organization; he speaks for me and for most of us, and has the right to do so.

If the American Legion Commander comments on subjects outside the charter of our organization, he should make it clear that he is doing so. I don't care if he speaks for you or not. This organization is not your mouthpiece.

For those of you complaining about the National commander speaking outside of our charter or playing to politics, you should actually read and understand what the American Legion stands for. One of the 4 pillars is National Security. This is a National Security issue and the American Legion most definitely should address the subject. I believe the Commander came down on the right side of this issue and also believe he does speak for the majority of our members.

DELETED, Racist.
Apologies, just saw it from other comment. (MOTHAX)

Why is this racist comment on this blog?

Sorry, didn't see it earlier.

This gal? committed Espionage against the U.S., should be in prison for life!

Weakness on part of leadership. That action was a clouded veil to cover someone's ass. Where was the chain of command? IN times of war, there is a death penalty for a spy; OK, so the PC mentality is set as the former male relinquished his identity. Is it not obvious that more attention is geared toward that individual? To call that pos a former military member is insulting to the fact it never lived up to shutting up when it came to secret docs.

I've been aware of this story for some time now, but the "Subject" is how I felt then and now. I, for one, am not sorry to see Obama go and am forever grateful that he wasn't followed by another extreme leftist liberal.

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