MMA Fighter/Green Beret to ISIS: Send whoever you want, but you're not getting them back.

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MMA Fighter/Green Beret to ISIS: Send whoever you want, but you're not getting them back.

If there is one guy alive you really don't want to mess with, it is Tim Kennedy, MMA fighter and Green Beret with extensive combat experience in Afghanistan.

Let's first look at what happens if you got into his house, which is unlikely in the first place:

And if you think he scares easily, you are mistaken.

From Army Times:

Special Forces soldier and UFC fighter Tim Kennedy is working with the FBI in the face of some “recent credible threats” against him by followers of the Islamic State group.

“Just spoke to the FBI regarding some recent credible threats towards me by #ISIS,” Kennedy wrote Wednesday evening on his official Facebook page. “They were not overly thrilled with my response … ‘Let those cowards come.’”

Kennedy, who served in 7th Special Forces Group and is now a sergeant first class with the Texas National Guard, said he typically gets five to 10 threats a day via his social media accounts.

I've met Tim, hung out with him a few times, he even hugged me once, and might have broken some of my ribs doing it.  He's hilarious, fearless, and a bit of a rock star.  He's going to be in the upcoming movie "Range 15" which is being made by the guys at Article 15 clothing and Ranger Up, of which he is part owner.  You may have seen him on "Hunting Hitler" on History Channel as well, which I just caught the other night.

Either way, he's hilarious, but not when you make him mad.  His spoof of a Katy Perry video always cracks me up: 

Anyway, not like ISIS is going to take my advice, but it would be unwise to mess with Tim or his wife.  His Wife could kill them almost as easy as he.  (Edited to correct)

I went to an event with Tim a few years ago and spent the day with him, including going to one of his daily workouts where he and some other dude pounded the stuffing out of each other.  Then he met some guys in a wounded warrior facility at Brooke Army Medical Center, and went out looking no worse for the wear.  (Tim is in the middle, flanked by me on the left and Matt Burden of Blackfive on the right.)

Seriously ISIS, bad call on ths one.

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It should be- His wife could kill them almost as easily as he. (not him) As in- His wife could kill them almost as easily as he could.

Good point KR, I corrected it.

Can I get a 1 time easement on account of sleep deprivation?  :)  I have a 6 month old who doesn't like my sleep schedule.


The problem is the ISIS cowards are not man enough to man up and face him straight up. Radical Islamists lack the jingle bells to be manly.

I am prior military Army (509th, and 12th SF) and Marine Corp. It appears to me that no one wants to really fight up close or they ISIS, local gangs would send their best fighters to a ring to work out their differences and let that be that. Your are right they want to take the cowards way out and use a gun.

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