Dumbest person ever steals Leroy Petry's MOH license plate

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Dumbest person ever steals Leroy Petry's MOH license plate

Feel like this is the MOH channel lately featuring only stories about recipients, but other than Coronavirus, not much else going on.

If you see someone driving around with a Medal of Honor license plate, the vehicle may not necessarily belong to a recipient of the military’s highest honor for valor.

Retired Army Master Sgt. Leroy Petry, who received the award in 2011 for risking his life to save fellow Rangers in Afghanistan in 2008, says someone stole the plate off one of the front of his vehicle last week while it was parked at the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.

“So yesterday I noticed that someone stole my Medal of Honor plate from the front of my vehicle while parked at Seatac airport last week while I was visiting the troops in Ft. Eustis VA,” said Petry, 41, in a post on his Facebook page. “I had the security screws so someone must have really wanted it. Probably some Call of Duty gamer or PX Ranger. #StolenValor.”

Now Petry is a stud.  When my buddy David Bellavia received his Medal of Honor I somehow ended up drinking until the wee hours of the morning with Leroy, and two buddies of mine.  And somehow we ended up back in Leroy's room sort of walking through the Jessica Lynch rescue mission that both Leroy and a buddy of mine were on.  We were using like flip flops and the room service menu to reflect buildings and such.  Anyway, it was awesome because I hadn't met him prior to that and a bunch of my buddies had told me how helpful and gracious he was as they went through the process.

But, nice as he is, dude is still a Ranger and a stud.  I hope for the sake of whoever stole it they come to their senses and send it back, because if Leroy finds the person he may use his magical prosthetic hand to squeeze off something the thief might not want to live without.

Also, because it makes me giggle every single time I see the video, here is Bellavia playfully goofing on Leroy for something he said on FoxNews.  This remains my second favorite Bellavia video, after when he appeared on John King's program and they had him on the wrong segment and were asking him about rockets, something he doesn't know all that much about.



Here's a video we did with Leroy:

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