"The Outpost" movie about COP Keating comes to theaters next week

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"The Outpost" movie about COP Keating comes to theaters next week

First, from Deadline:

Next week, one of the first movies to debut as theaters reopen will be The Outpost, an adaptation of Jake Tapper’s book that tells the true story of the U.S. soldiers who battled a Taliban attack on their camp in a mountainous remote area of northeastern Afghanistan.
The project, directed by Rod Lurie, tells of the soldiers’ risky assignment at Combat Outpost Keating, made all the more dangerous by the placement of the camp in a valley surrounded by the steep terrain. But it was an element of a counter-insurgency strategy, as the outpost was close to the border with Pakistan. Eight Americans died in the attack, but by the end of the day, the soldiers regained control. Staff Sgt. Clinton Romesha and Staff Sgt. Ty Carter were awarded the Medal of Honor for their actions during the battle.
I still remember sitting in my office one day and getting a call and it was Jake Tapper.  Which was cool because I'd never met him before and still really have no idea how he got to me.  Anyway, he knew I was interested in COP Keating from our huge fundraiser for those guys, and he asked me to go through the SIPR conversation thing and talk to him about it.  Anyway, eventually my name ended up in the acknowledges section of the book, which is on my cherished shelf of books I am mentioned in, right next to House to House by David Bellavia.
Tapper had a great interview with Deadline, though so back to that:
I did a lot of due diligence in terms of who we got involved. Eric Johnson and Paul Tamasay, who wrote the screenplay, have a lot of experience bringing true life stories to the screen. And then [director] Rod Lurie, who attended West Point, had a real special feel for the project, not just in terms of how compelling a movie it could be, but how important a story it was. When he signed on, I said to him, ‘You’re going to meet all these incredible men and women, veterans and Gold Star families and others, and they’re going to become a part of your lives for the rest of your life, as they have with mine.’

Nothing was more important to me and more nerve wracking than last October, when we showed it to them. It was right around the time of the 10th anniversary of the battle, and Millennium Films flew in a number of the Gold Star families, anybody who had a loved one depicted in the film who had been killed in the battle. It was nerve wracking for both Rod and myself, and for other producers, because we wanted them to appreciate the film for what it was, but also it’s tough to imagine what they’re going through. A, Gold Star families, people who have lost their sons or their husbands in battle, and B, watching those last ones depicted on screen, and then C, and most importantly, and most devastatingly potentially, seeing their loved ones’ death depicted on screen.

Then after the film, I walked around to each one of the families in addition to the veterans, and was very heartened to hear that every one of them told me that they thought that the film honored their loved one. And so I think what Rod did is [he] really achieved a very difficult task, which is he made a very, very compelling film that really immerses you in Combat Outpost Keating, while also doing so in such a way that is truly reverent and respectful, so that even the toughest critics, potentially the family members, felt positive about their loved ones’ stories being told.
I know one of the Gold Star Moms from COP Keating and she is super excited about the movie, and now so am I.

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