Blogs, podcasts and special projects

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Blogs, podcasts and special projects

I'm sure some of you are out there saying: What's up with the lack of blogging from the Legion lately?

Well, good news, it's not the Coronavirus, allthough that is a contributor.  The reality is, news isn't happening at the same rate it did in not Zombieland.  I also do the daily clips every morning, an email that goes to the leadership to alert them of things in the news.  I used to pick the top 5-8 stories a day and send it.  Then Corona hit, and it was about 4 stories because nothing else is happening.  Then newspapers started laying folks off and it became less.  Now I do them 3 times a week and I'm struggling to get even that many stories.

But, I am working, in fact my productivity has actually skyrocketed so long as my kids forget that I am in my office at the house.  (Sometimes they think it's a magic door and you have to knock 100 tiimes for Daddy to hear it.   Those are not fun times.)  But, I actually got a new job when this started, something that I've been angling for for years and yeatrs, ever since I went to law school.

So I am now the "Special Projects Counsel" working in the legal division for the National Judge Advocate of the America Legion.  Special projects are all manner of things, but right now I'm working on intellectual property stuff mainly, ensuring all the shirts for sale on the internet with our logo are actually us selling them, and not knockoffs.  Things like that.  BUt my intent is to keep blogging when I can, and keep doing the podcast.

But, my last excuse is the most pertinent right now.  Another dream I've had for about 5 years has been to do a podcast, and I got a very helpful prod in that direction earlier last year.  We tried some different formats that didn't really feel like me, and eventually I got two incredible cohosts to join me.  We record twice a month, and did one yesterday, but it is not really for unveiling until it gets the audio produced and such.

But, with a lack of things going on, and now getting to a level I am comfortable with, I did want to share what we have so far.

So without further ado, I give you the Tango Alpha Lima Podcast.  You can read about us HERE, and that is where new podcasts will show up as well.

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