National Commander Oxford addresses Congress

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National Commander Oxford addresses Congress

Just back in the office today from the Washington Conference where National Commander Oxford presented our Legislative Priorities to the Congress.  

From WKRN:

It’s an important day on Capitol Hill for American veterans.  It’s their chance to pitch the most critical veterans’ issues to lawmakers from the House and Senate.  Jessi Turnure reports on the American Legion’s “to do list” for lawmakers.

There are a lot of different items on that list… but the one at the top… veteran suicide.

The American Legion also told lawmakers it would help them to allow more veterans to be eligible for Agent Orange benefits.

“No veteran should die by his own hands. That’s an atrocity.”

The veteran suicide epidemic is one of the American Legion’s biggest battles.

National Commander Bill Oxford says he believes the VA offers the best mental health resources to veterans to fight it.

“We need to make sure every veteran realizes that help is out there. Let us help you.” 

Here's a quick news hit on it:

If you want to read the full testimony, you can find it HERE.

Here is more of the Commander's testimony before the Congress, and also from a recent appearance before the South Carolina legislature.


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