41 year old MOH recipient faces new foe: cancer.

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41 year old MOH recipient faces new foe: cancer.

Just a very special article today I saw in Military.com that I wanted to share:

Shurer is now fighting on different terrain than the mountains of Eastern Afghanistan, and against a different enemy than the battle-hardened insurgents of that remote region.

Fifteen months after he stood at the White House to receive the nation's highest combat honor, he's squaring off in an all-consuming battle against life-threatening lung cancer that his doctors rate at stage 4, meaning it has metastasized or spread to other organs.

"It's everywhere," Shurer, 41, said in a lengthy Jan. 22 interview at the coffee shop.

More than once, Shurer said he was prepared to comment on everything about the stage 4 cancer except his prognosis. Statistics from the National Cancer Institute and the American Cancer Society point to five-year survival rates of less than 20%, although those numbers come with the caution that they may not reflect recent advances in treatment.

It is a very long piece, but every bit of it is spectacular.

If you missed the story of Shurer's earlier heroics, the Army has a good video up:

His citation:

Staff Sergeant Ronald J. Shurer II distinguished himself by acts of gallantry and intrepidity above and beyond the call of duty on April 6, 2008, while serving as a Senior Medical Sergeant, Special Forces Operational Detachment Alpha 3336, Special Operations Task Force-33, in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. Staff Sergeant Shurer was part of an assault element inserted by helicopter into a location in Afghanistan. As the assault element moved up a near vertical mountain toward its objective, it was engaged by fierce enemy machine gun, sniper, and rocket-propelled grenade fire. The lead portion of the assault element, which included the ground commander, sustained several casualties and became pinned down on the mountainside. Staff Sergeant Shurer and the rest of the trailing portion of the assault element were likewise engaged by enemy machine gun, sniper, and rocket-propelled grenade fire. As the attack intensified, Staff Sergeant Shurer braved enemy fire to move to an injured Soldier and treat his wounds. Having stabilized the injured Soldier, Staff Sergeant Shurer then learned of the casualties among the lead element. Staff Sergeant Shurer fought his way up the mountainside, under intense enemy fire, to the lead element’s location. Upon reaching the lead element, he treated and stabilized two more Soldiers. Finishing those lifesaving efforts, Staff Sergeant Shurer noticed two additional severely wounded Soldiers under intense enemy fire. The bullet that had wounded one of these Soldiers had also impacted Staff Sergeant Shurer’s helmet. With complete disregard for his own life, Staff Sergeant Shurer again moved through enemy fire to treat and stabilize one Soldier’s severely wounded arm. Shortly thereafter, Staff Sergeant Shurer continued to brave withering enemy fire to get to the other Soldier’s location in order to treat his lower leg, which had been almost completely severed by a high-caliber sniper round. After treating the Soldier, Staff Sergeant Shurer began to evacuate the wounded; carrying and lowering them down the sheer mountainside. While moving down the mountain, Staff Sergeant Shurer used his own body to shield the wounded from enemy fire and debris caused by danger-close air strikes. Reaching the base of the mountain, Staff Sergeant Shurer set up a casualty collection point and continued to treat the wounded. With the arrival of the medical evacuation helicopter, Staff Sergeant Shurer, again under enemy fire, helped load the wounded into the helicopter. Having ensured the safety of the wounded, Staff Sergeant Shurer then regained control of his commando squad and rejoined the fight. He continued to lead his troops and emplace security elements until it was time to move to the evacuation landing zone for the helicopter. Staff Sergeant Shurer’s actions are in keeping with the finest traditions of military service and reflect great credit upon himself, Combined Joint Special Operations Task Force-Afghanistan, Special Operations Command Central, and the United States Army.

And lastly, another video, from CBS, which frankly I think does the best job with these MOH stories.

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Hi Ron Shurer, Jerry Hay here, a former Navy Frogman attached to UDT-12 during Viet Nam. About 23+
years ago, I used Proverbs'3 & 4, seeking Wisdom in the Bible, since my Dad, former Test Pilot in the
Air Force had been given the talk, he had Cancer. About 10 days later, I was urged to buy the book
The Calcium Factor, by Robert Bearfoot & Dr Carl Reich MD. In this book, there are TWO natural cancer
cures that cure ALL 213 types of cancer, Nobel Prize 1931 to Dr Otto Warburg, ITS OXYGEN !!
The other cure is Coral Calcium from Okinawa, Japan, LONGEST living Males & Females on Planet !!
Recently TWO Nobel for the fact we HAVE TWO Immune systems, Once the 2nd Immune system is
turned on, it REVERSES Cancer, Both Diabetes, Alizhemers, & heart disease, in under 90 days BY
CHANGE of Diet....Holistic MD, web AlSearsMD.com/2Immune...….God Bless your healing !!
BTW....there is NO BIG $$ in these cures......so Big Pharma won't tell U

I am a man of Strong Faith. I am also a Marine Combat Veteran, twice wounded...SSgt Ronald Shurer will be in my most Fervent Prayers. I will also ask my Church to pray for him.

And we will keep you in our prayers. All things are possible through Christ. Never gave up.

God Bless

My prayers from myself and my prayer group will be said daily. Please when possible send out followup on this Courageous young soldier. Thank you.

God bless and keep you.

I wish you the best , in your fight with cancer, For al you have done and succeeded , God is smiling on you. Good Luck Hooyah!

There is litigation now with service members who fault PFAS for their cancers. PFAS as regards the military is used as fire fighting foam (AFFF) and as a waterproofing agent along with so many, many other products. The soldiers/family at Camp LeJune experienced a high cancer load with water concerns, PFAS settles to the ground and into the water. Maybe contacting DAV or a veteran advocate person/group may help you with getting optimum treatment for your cancer. I wish the best for you, you deserve so much better for your service and sacrifice

My wife and I are praying for you and your doctors. I am a former Naby hospital corpsman and really appreciate your dedicated efforts to save your fellow comrades. May God bless you.

My wife and I are praying for you and your doctors. I am a former Naby hospital corpsman and really appreciate your dedicated efforts to save your fellow comrades. May God bless you.

Take if from a cancer survivor you can beat this. Follow your oncologists advice and keep your chin, faith and courage up. You are a strong and courageous person and don't let this diagnosis beat you down. We're pulling for you all the way!
May God Bless you, you are a real American Hero.

I will pray for you also and my the healing hand of GOD be placed on you.
Served on PBR's in Nam and received a purple heart. Am 100% disabled.

Sergeant Shurer I had the honor of meeting you and your lovely wife at my New York Athletic Club American Legion Post last November. I am a cancer survivor and so know you have the courage to win this battle. God bless you and your family. I will pray non-stop for you. Gerard Casey academygerry@aol.com

SSG Shurer I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. It's been 20 years since I fought cancer and one never forgets the reality that you might have to say farewell to friends & family sooner than you planned. I hope you have peace throughout this journey. The docs know so much more nowadays and many people are cured and given many more years.

To those pimping snake oil please hit the road. Sow your conspiracy theories elsewhere you parasites praying on people's suffering.

Hi Sargent Shurer, Have you in my thoughts and prayers. keep your faith in God and Jesus, and a strong will to fight this dreadful affliction. May God bless you and your family. I am a WWII Navy Veteran served in the SoPacific as an airman.

I to have lung cancer from oil well fires in kuwaitwas in hailing black smoke from the fires in the oil fields for 1 monthwhile assigned to clear enemy tanks and equipmentit returned la the battlefield when i got home they found cancer in my lower lobe and removed it. Last month the cancer returned and i am treating it,I know my brother what u are going threw god blessu and (NO SURRENDER NO RETREAT.

Try THE GERSON THERAPY. I will warn you, it is not for the faint hearted. This cancer therapy works. Any thing is worth a try to save your life. You will be in my prayers. Not sure who this Mark Russell is but he is wrong. If you look at the alternative cures they make sense. Why not battle the cancer with our own body and nutrition instead of chemo and radiation which are poison and weakens the body more so that it does not have the defenses to fight off disease.

Hello S/Sgt. I'm an old Jarhead and have held the line twice when my wife had breast cancer in 2013 and as we speak, Non Hodgkins Lymphoma. She has just been told her Lymphoma has been beaten back and for practical purposes she is cancer free (and nothing shows on her PET scan). The clinic we go to took her from Stage IV breast cancer to cancer free in six months.

With cancer you need to think outside the box as treatment in the US is substandard. As an old (70) grunt to another brother - I urge you to go to the web page for "Oasis of Hope" located on the beach in Tijuana. Yes, many people and US Doctors will denigrate and malign alternative methods and Mexican doctors in general, but these doctors are way ahead of US treatments and are recognized as one of the best cancer clinics in the world. (only one thing counts and that is how many of their patients are either cured or life extended much further than any other clinic anywhere.

I pray you will take advantage of their free consultation offer immediately. Just gather your films and reports and send it off to them. All info on their web page. I pray anyone who has the damn "C" word come up in their life to immediately contact the Oasis of Hope. Most people and our US Doctors will call you various names, call the clinic junk science if you mention them. You are the one who now needs a good Medic or Corpsman to come to their aid. Reach out and contact them. Thousands of people from around the world can't all be wrong..... God Speed in your Journey. KH USMC (Retired)

Ron: Hang in there, Partner. Your Brothers and Sisters are with you. May God Bless you and your loved ones.

Hi Ron Shurer. I am now praying for you and your family. I firmly believe that we serve a God Who Can do all things and all things are possible with Him. I am a veteran of (9) years serving aboard nuclear Polaris submarines.
The most important question for all people is-"What will we do with Jesus?"
Ron, from your heart, please say this prayer:
Lord Jesus I love you, I am sorry for all the sins of my
life and I repent of the sinful lifestyle I have led.
Lord Jesus, I believe that You died on the cross for me
so that my soul could be saved, and that You were
resurrected from the dead and now reign in heaven.
Lord Jesus, right now, I accept You as my Lord and
my God and my personal Savior.
Come now and fill me with Your Holy Spirit, fill me,
Lord Jesus with Your love and send me forth to my
family and friends to share with them Your love and
Your concern.
Lord Jesus I love You and I will follow You as Your
disciple every day of my life.

Please pray that prayer and become my new spiritual brother. Chuck is praying for you and believing for a healing for you all for the Glory of God.

I am also praying that you find Jesus as your savior.

Hey Brother -- thanks first of all for all that you have done for our nation and our brothers-in-arms. As a National Guard Combat Medic who did not experience what you did, but survived 15 months later in Iraq as a civilian and came home with multiple injuries to include head trauma, we have had multiple SF in our family, some of whom have gone through the heavy firefights (and multiple deployments), you experienced. In case it helps with your current battle, three verified aids which some would call "snake oil", I share, just in case they are of help to you. 1. Hoxsey Institute in Mexico. My step-sister Deena Briggs who worked for CA Government, was diagnosed with advanced breast cancer which already had metastasized to her lungs, liver and 11 of 12 lymph nodes. She researched options, went to the Hoxsey Institute, where she learned to: only associate with happy people (avoiding ALL negative people), drink a specific herbal mix, eat only organic foods (nothing processed) and drink two quarts of organic purple grape juice daily. 5 months later there was not even a "cancer marker" in her blood. Unfortuantely, two years later, believing she was cured, she went back to her highly processed foods and sugary treats...and died. Cancer never goes away, but it can be halted in replication--but one must never regress to "fueling" it. 2. Pat Rader, of Fayetteville, NC, whom many older SF folk knew, was a Major in Vietnam, Mortuary "Bag 'em and Tag 'em" . If you know of Pat Rader, you know of the unspeakable horrifics she experienced after being captured by Viet Cong. I met her 8 years after her initial diagnosis of kidney cancer which V.A. doctors had claimed would take her life in 4-6 months...and for her to "prepare now" for her death. She researched options, chose a Shaman in Arizona who also gave her some herbal drink (daily, as I recall) and told her to sit outside in the sun every day for at least two hours, visualizing the entire time birds swooping down pecking out her cancer. 3. My elderly GSD, mammary cancer, I changed her diet from kibbles to all raw (except cooked pork and cooked seafood), basically whatever we ate that was good for her, too) but more raw fat than protein, lots of grated veggies (except cooked carrots and cooked turnips) and some fruits, always raw grated turmeric or ginger, frequent apricots and beets. I learned via the Truth About Cancer (and their Pet Cancer booklets/tapes) that cancer replicates via sugar: no sugar available, then carbohydrates: no carbohydrates, then eventually learns how to use protein. Two weeks after changing my GSD's diet from kibbles to the aforementioned anti-cancer diet, ALL her tumors were totally gone. This was 4 years ago. She is an elderly GSD who loves her walks and still has a job of "protecting us". (4) Additionally, in Iraq, my lungs and heart were rather compromised via those burn pit toxins (I was one of the first two people to document the burn pits; my photos went before Congress and on National News outlets) Many of the folk I worked with in Iraq died within two years, both military and civilians. Our civilians additionally in 2006 for months had only contaminated water to drink on their 12 hour 7 day a week shifts at Log Base Seitz, Baghdad, even though the military posted directly over our water pallets that it was contaminated water and not to drink it, but the civilian supervisor claimed that because it was "clear", that obviously the military was wrong....There was no other water available for 12 hours each day, and at 127-132F ambient temperature, we were drinking approximately one bottle of water every 30-45 min.. Well anyway, health destroyed and back home, after researching options, what I did was take LOTS of anti-oxidants, and switch to mainly organic and very, very little sugar. Years of excruciatingly slow process to regain health and brain function, but hey, I'm still alive and have basic functioning, nothing like before, but more time to appreciate all the "little things".. God keep you Safe, my Brother. Research, Pray, ask God for guidance. In no way do I advocate not following your doctor's recommendations. Just please research your options and ask God to lead you to what will be best for you. Chemo kills all but the hardiest cancer cells, and when they come back, it is in a massive force of resistant invading cancer cells, while at the same time the foreign man-made chemicals further compromises your immune system. My step-sister, my best friend Pat Rader, my lovely and protective GSD and myself are yet living proof that building up the immune system is definitely one answer to fight cancer. There are others. Use your best instincts and best research ability and best prayerful petitions to Our Heavenly Father for the right guidance for your situation. Peace, Bro!!

God Bless And Protect you...
Jim-- SGT USMC '62-66 [64-5-6 NAM]
been there...done that...just completed CA treatments...scans came out good. Wish and pray you have the same results.

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