National Desert Storm War Memorial unveiled

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National Desert Storm War Memorial unveiled

First up, this is something we've long supported:

RESOLVED, By the National Executive Committee of The American Legion in regular meeting assembled in Indianapolis, Indiana, on May 10-11, 2017, That The American Legion goes on record in support of the construction of a memorial dedicated to Desert Storm and Desert Shield veterans in our nation’s capital without financial obligation by The American Legion; and, be it further

RESOLVED, That The American Legion would support the American Battle Monuments Commission, if recommended, to serve as the administer because of their expertise in coordinating the erection of previous national monuments in the National Capital Region for fundraising, design and construction of the Desert Storm and Desert Shield Memorial; and, be it finally

RESOLVED, That our national American Legion media channels be utilized to advance awareness to our membership on the progress of the National Desert Storm and Desert Shield Memorial.

And now news comes that we're one step closer:

The final design for a National Desert Storm Desert Shield War Memorial has been unveiled.

The design — a stone, sand-colored sweeping left hook around an elevated pool of water — symbolizes the left hook that U.S.-led coalition forces, coming out of Saudi Arabia, used to sweep into southern Iraq and Kuwait, outflanking Iraqi troops.

Earlier designs did not include the pool of water and had a raised wall rather than one built into the ground.

The concept was approved by the Commission of Fine Arts recently and unveiled at a ceremony in Fredericksburg, Texas, at the site of one the partners of National Desert Storm War Memorial Association.,,,

“The world needs to know about the victory and how the country treated veterans differently than what they treated Vietnam veterans. And Desert Storm helped that pivot to come about,” Cee Freeman, vice president, National Desert Storm War Memorial Association.

This is good news, I'm glad it won't take as long as the WWII memorial, so veterans of the conflict can get a chance to see it more than once.


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The fallen need to be remembered otherwise their ultimate sacrifice was in vain.

When this is built, will it have the names of the units, battalions, etc inscribed on it? With a much lower # of fallen comrades than previous wars, will this only have the names of the fallen? Or will this include the units and support units that were involved that did make a difference?

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