Why would someone do this?

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Why would someone do this?

I guess the answer is money, but that seems pretty thin.  After all, how much of a black market trade is there in Legion grave markers?  Emblem Sales sells them for $40, but is that enough to warrant stealing them?

From WBAL:

Less than a week away from Veteran's Day, someone stole more than two dozen military grave makers from a cemetery in Cecil County.

Police are now trying to find the person responsible.

Investigators said the grave markers were stolen sometime in the past three days. A cemetery caretaker made the discovery Tuesday morning.

The Rosebank Cemetery sits off of Telegraph and North East roads in Calvert.

Saturday afternoon, caretakers put miniature American flags on American Legion grave markers, marking the graves of military service members.

By Tuesday, 30 of the grave markers and the flags were gone.

It just seems petty and ridiculous.  My assumption is that it was teens on Halloween who didn't know any better.  It's not an Oceans 11 level heist here.

Taking these is either evil or just ignorant.  I hope they catch whoever it is, and make them not only pay for the ones they took, but have to go out there and put them back up each Veterans Day until they learn exactly how wrong what they did was.

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I agree this was probably done by some prankster. How about take the culprits to the local VA Hospital and have them spend time with vets who are missing legs, arms and eyes? Maybe that will show them what has happened to many of we vets.

To tamper with any grave Military or otherwise should be a felony.

It's been over 3 years & still can't find my parent's Amer. Legion markers. Both my mother's & father's markers were taken just after memorial day. I really would like just them replace.

Unhappily the has been much theft of brass grave markers around the USA. Not only vet markers but any accessible ones. Some body stole the marker from my brothers grave in Memphis some time back. I always blamed the homeless. I'm sure it is mostly for the scrap value. Any way it sucks big time.

Tampering with any grave Military or otherwise should be a FELONY.

Make scrap yards responsible for accepting these items

NO it is not just the parents fault. Other people have more influence on (kids) than parents.

first. Thank You to all Vets and their families.
I live in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area. A few years back, a few cemeteries in New Jersey were hit pretty hard. I immediately sent out an e-mail to the District Attorneys of the surrounding counties stating that, at a minimum stealing Flag Holders is a county level crime and should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.Only one ADA replied to my e-mail. Naturally, he's a Vet. He told me that no D.A. would touch these crimes, as they are considered victim less and are way down the list of crimes that are not charged. What a loss. To think that our government can not protect our Vets, even in a cemetery. It is possible that some monies come from higher levels of government, but most counties buy the Flags and Flag Holders for the V. A.. To the best of my knowledge, the Flag Staff is Aluminum and the Flag Holder is white metal. Any one can buy a very expensive bronze Flag Holder, but I believe that most governments stretch the dollar and go cheap.
As it turned out. Two girls were "selling" Flag Holders at a local Flea Market. They got caught. Low lives that steal these Flag Holders are usually druggies. Others are just stupid thieves or pranksters. In this area, local scrap (junk yard ) dealers are licensed and have to report any suspicious activity, such as items coming in that are obviously stolen. The local police usually keep a "Hot List" at these junk yards.
My team and I take care of Mt Hope cemetery in Aston, Delaware County, Pennsylvania. In my time, since 2009, we only had trouble one time. I immediately went to the police and talked to the chief. I suggested that his patrol officers could take their breaks in the cemetery. They could do their log or reports their as well. High visibility from the police keeps crime to a minimum.

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