Spec Ops mission kills ISIS leader

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Spec Ops mission kills ISIS leader

Well, he's dead again:

In a White House announcement, President Donald Trump said that ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was killed in a U.S. commando raid.

“Last night US brought the world’s No. 1 terrorist leader to justice,” Trump said. “Abu Bakr Baghdadi is dead.”

“He died like a dog,” said Trump. “He died like a coward.”

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of the Islamic State jihadi group who created a short-lived caliphate in Syria and Iraq, is believed dead after being targeted by a U.S. military raid in Syria, Military Times has confirmed.

I say "again" because this isn't the first time he's been alleged to have left this mortal coil, but this time it looks to be a permanent state, since they ran DNA on his body as well.

I'll give you the CBS report because other networks ran with an odd "this is not a great thing" take, which is bizarre, because yeah, this is a great thing.

CBS did another great piece on just how bad this dude was:


WaPo has the best report on the actual mission I have seen so far:

As President Trump and senior advisers settled into the Situation Room on Saturday evening, elite U.S. forces more than 6,000 miles away launched one of the most significant counterterrorism operations in the campaign against the Islamic State.

Taking off in eight helicopters from Iraq, the troops flew over hostile territory for hundreds of miles in the early Sunday morning darkness.

Their target, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the brutal founder and leader of the Islamic State, was holed up in a compound in northwestern Syria with family members and terrorist associates, and the United States had been watching him for days.

And it was a tip from a disaffected Islamic State militant that set the operation in motion, according to a U.S. official, who like others spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss a sensitive operation.

Dan Lamonthe is honestly the best at getting this stuff, so kudos to him.  Go read the whole WaPo article.


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So what!! He got the SOB!!!

No matter what President Trump does whether something great like most of what he has accomplished since In office or something wrong which he hasn't done much of. The Trump hating trolls will still comment. Ordering the elimination of this horrible person is a great accomplishment for all.
Thank You President Trump and keep up the great work.
God Bless You and your Family

Agree wholeheartedly with the previous comment! The current President does not get the credit he justly deserves from all he has accomplished during his limited time in office. Maybe with a majority Republican Congress and beefed up Senate to follow him in office upon his reelection in 2020, this nation will once again move forward in accomplishing what needs to be accomplished for the betterment of America. The people of this nation should ask themselves the question, if "Old Glory" could vote, which of the two parties currently vying for office would the flag vote for? If you can honestly answer this question you'll come to the realization this nation under God can and will achieve its greatness. President Trump has taken on the responsibility of not only making America "Great', but continuing to make America "Great." As a God fearing nation we the people should give him the chance to continue on the journey which will benefit us all.

Thanks to those who had a part in taking down the sob. Thank you spec ops, thank you military leaders, and thank you president Trump for giving the go ahead. If only Clinton would of authorized taking out Obama, I mean Osama in the 90's it is very likely 9-11 would of never happened and those Americans would still be here. I like a president with a backbone. The communist socialist radicals negatively commenting here are seeking a political coup against a properly elected American president. Nothing short of treason against the American constitution. I doubt many of them are vets, anyone including foreign Russian, Iranian, North Korean trolls can comment here. Semper Fi Marine Pete

This guy would burn you alive in a heartbeat just for being an American. President Trump did the right thing by giving the go-ahead to kill this piece of crap. Trump may have been on the golf course while this was going on, but if he was, it was part of a diversion, just like telling the Democrats we are pulling out of Syria and abandoning our allies .
This is just the latest of the great things our commander-in-chief has done in the last 3 years

The amount of vitriol in our Government today is poison to the people. It gets us nowhere and does nothing good. Our forefathers in their wisdom designed a system that has worked for many years, but relied on people not bashing others based on their beliefs. People seemed to realize that and live with consensus. Now it seems that the gap between the "LEFT" and the 'RIGHT" is as big as the Grand Canyon and getting bigger. I fear for my country (and the world). We have to become wiser, think more, educate ourselves, understand the issues, use logic and speak with a civil tongue. There are forums and platforms to share our thoughts and ideas in a manner in which we might even convince others that we have a good idea, rather than just build a wall between Americans. We are all in the same boat, lets not sink it. Everyone has a right to their opinion.

Obama was on the golf course when the mission against Bin Laden started. Trump was in the situation room when this mission started. He gave the go-ahead for it to start. VA services are much improved since Trump took office. It is hard to believe anything the poor Trump haters say about him because they complain about everything he does or says.

According to wikipedia... On May 1 at 1:22 p.m., Panetta, acting on the president's orders, directed McRaven to move forward with the operation. Shortly after 3 p.m., the president joined national security officials in the Situation Room to monitor the raid."

Our military is still able to operate at the highest of standards, even with the most incompetent CinC we've ever had. This says more about the quality of our armed forces than it does about POTUS.

Some Here are Spoon fed morons. They Have No Knowledge Of The Things Our President Has Accomplished In Just A Short time. As a Vietnam Vet I Have never Been more Proud Of Americas President. He Has not Allowed The European Union Canada Mexico And Communist China And Cuba Take Advantage Of Our Country America. The Market has never Been Better. And even With all That..... We Get The Crybabies And The Hillary Lovers Knocking Our Elected President'? Go Trump'! Four More Years'!


Thank you to all the military leaders, including the President, for continuing the fight of The GWOT. We are mostly alone in the world doing what others are reluctant to do. Truly they are living a life of freedom because of the brave women and men of our armed forces. Again, thank you.

From the comments I have read from some veterans, I see some true colors. I will not be renewing my membership after 45 years if this is what the American Legion is all about.

We need a Commander in Chief that has served in the military at a minimum of squadron commander and at least one conflict.

We also need a non boisterous President.

Limited Congress / House Terms as well.

This would better our country.

We "of the people" should just get over whomever is elected!

The people have spoken ... so be it ... and so it goes"

I as a disabled American from the Vietnam war say keep up the good work President Trump.
I pray for you and your family to continue on and be safe and healthy.
God bless you for what you are doing for America and the American veterans.

The President should get part of the credit, just as Obama for his Bin Laden decision. It is what Presidents do (or should do) but they take great political risk that a dangerous mission could go wrong and they would be blamed ad nauseam by their political opponents and would have to live with their disastrous decision forever. It would be safer to do nothing. Be glad that both Presidents had the courage to do the right thing! Greater praise, of course, goes to the troops who faced the personal risk of death or grievous injury. The dogs and their trainers are part of it too. Let's be realistic about this, not political.

My first and last name appears as I believe in what I say. Thank you to the Present Administration for the eradication of this horrid ISIS Leader, who would slit your throat for no good cause. His absence on earth will not be missed by majority society. -and- Thank you Obama for ushering along in finding Binladin, bringing him to justice. Neither incident has anything to do with our national security, a wall, humanity and Good by either Trump or Obama. We know either could have scuttled these ops, but had the guts and intellect to follow-through with a necessary mission in benefit for man-kind world wide.

I'm a Disabled Combat Veteran from Vietnam. And, YES, the Veterans are getting better services, benefits and standing proud recently under this President than in recent years (since Reagan) and thank you to all Americans for showing support for our Veterans in more numbers than in recent years. "God Bless The USA!"

So glad they got:em thanks to Pres. Trump and our troops GOD BLESS AMERICA


Here we have a comment page on the American Legion web site, addressing the elimination of a ruthless murderer (al-Baghdadi), or as The Washington Post addressed him - a religious scholar. So, what is the majority of the discussion, not how the murderous scum al-Baghdadi destroyed himself, but about the man who has done more to support the men and women of the military, their families, and veterans of all conflicts. The TRUMP haters will never go away, they're minds reside in the DC SWAMP, where socialism ( lets call it what it really is - COMMUNISUM), big money, and political corruption dwell. Of course they could have had Queen Clinton in office, giving away more nuclear fuel, and collecting more pollical favors and money through the Clinton Foundation, but the SWAMP dwellers choose to look the other way, after all, she is married (??) to the self-appointed "Saint" Slick Willie.

When has there ever been a president our entire nation of people agree on? Although, everyone of us should feel good about our military successfully completing a mission against an enemy. That is what our president put into motion and was a success.
So thank you President Trump and all else involved.

Trump should have given the Kurds their participation reconition since they were tracking the Isis leader for a year and found where he was and notified the US where he compound was and he was there, That was the intel we needed and the Pres. only recognised the US intelligence network . Sorry in my opinion

What everyone should be doing whether you like him or not is realize that he is the Commander in Chief of the United States Military and as such he is our Boss. He was Elected by the People not Congress as it should be and verified by the Electoral College. We knew when he was Elected that he was Rich why do we care about his Taxes when it doesn't matter, but nobody is calling for the Congress to be audited for making Millions of dollars a year on a salary of $174,000.00 a year and give the Military 2.0% or less and this year coming 3.6 I believe and Retirees get less than 2.0% and Congress gave themselves a 10% raise. think about those things and the other things they are trying to do and I am referring to the Majority of Congress and many are claiming to be Socialists not good for the U.S A. all of us have to remember that we took an Oath of Allegiance to this Country and that Oath is till Death and we may have to use that Oath. I don't want to, but I will not let anyone Destroy my Country for any reason.

We do not need a dictator and you have no if he in the situation room.

For a coward he likes to take the credit for everything our Brave Men And Women in the military do.He was a coward and didn't even serve.I am a Viet Nam vet who volunteered at 17 and have over 200 flight missions on a Ch 46 Helicopter I served my country and am %100 disabled but would do it again in a heart-Beat Trump is a coward and everyone knows it !

President Trump, probably the worst Commander in Chief in recent memory, has just betrayed our long time allies in Syria in the war against terror , the Kurds, and given the Turks the green light to go in and commit genocide. He should be impeached.

I have always said..., if I were laying out in the field gravely wounded, and someone threw me up on their shoulders, amidst fire and flak, - to hustle me back to reserves..., I wouldn't be asking them if they were a democrat or a republican; a Jew or a gentile; gay or straight; black or white; man or woman... No..., my heart would be so grateful, that the love would overcome me.

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