Navy SEAL acquitted in murder trial of ISIS terrorist

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Navy SEAL acquitted in murder trial of ISIS terrorist

From Carl Prine at the Navy Times, who did an unblievable job on this story right from the start:

More than nine months after he was charged with murder, attempted murder and a string of other alleged war crimes tied to a 2017 deployment in Iraq, Special Warfare Operator Chief Edward “Eddie” Gallagher strolled out of a Naval Base San Diego courtroom a free man, guilty only of appearing in an inappropriate photograph.

Military prosecutors had accused Gallagher, 40, of stabbing to death a seriously wounded Islamic State prisoner of war on May 3, 2017 in a SEAL compound near Mosul, but a military panel composed mostly of combat-tested Marine officers disagreed and acquitted the chief.

Several junior petty officers in Alpha Platoon, SEAL Team 7 also alleged that he had shot at least two civilians from a sniper perch and later tried to cover up his actions, but jurors tossed those charges, too.

Gallagher’s defense team had savaged the witnesses in court as liars bent on usurping a demanding chief they didn’t like and making sure he failed to receive a Silver Star commendation for battlefield heroism.

And in the end a panel of his peers agreed with Chief Gallagher, not a handful of junior SEALs.

As usual with these "war crimes" cases, I feel fairly uncomfortable with them, but I know there was much rejoicing from many over this not guilty finding.  It's always a bit weird to me when you have some members of a unit on one side, and others on the other side.  The Michael Behenna case was another example.  Just makes me feel uneasy.

Here's two videos, one from CNN and one from FoxNews, so that we can keep the "fake media" complaints to a minimum.  But CNN does a fairly decent job here of staying to the facts:

And Fox:

The biggest losers in this are the prosecution that was involved in all kinds of questionable activity.

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