David Bellavia to terrorists: "If you want war....someone else will raise your children for you."

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David Bellavia to terrorists:  "If you want war....someone else will raise your children for you."

“We’ve seen war. We don’t want war. But if you want war with the United States of America, I can promise you, so help me God – someone else is going to raise your sons and daughters.”

Just a quick posting from the airport in DC as I head back after 2 weeks on the road....

I've been at the David Bellavia Medal of Honor events for the past 3 days, including the White House ceremony, various banquets and receptions, and (what you are about to see here) his address at the Pentagon during his induction into the "Hall of Heroes."  Usually I don't do this portion of the events, but David told me I should go to this one, that he was going to punch bad guys, and punch hard.

And so he did.  There's some pretty obvious stuff here in terms of being the absolute hero that he is.  But there's also a chance to see his sense of humor, which despite everything else about him is what I'll always know him for.  When I got to know David way back in 2005 when we both got out of the military it was a friendship based on common purpose at first (we both supported our military efforts of the time) but when I started to see his sense of humor, that was it for me.  I state unequivocally, he's the funniest guy on the planet.

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