"Rick Monday...You Made a Great Play..."

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"Rick Monday...You Made a Great Play..."

April 25, 1976: During a Major League baseball game between Chicago and Los Angeles at Dodger Stadium, two protesters run onto the field and attempt to set a U.S. flag on fire. Cubs centerfielder and former American Legion Baseball standout Rick Monday rushes to rescue the flag and prevents it from being burned. ESPN later describes Monday’s act that day as one of the top 100 plays in Major League Baseball history. Monday, who played 19 seasons of Major League Baseball, would in 2006 join The American Legion and the Citizens Flag Alliance to testify on Capitol Hill in support of a constitutional amendment to protect the flag from deliberate desecration. Before he entered professional baseball, Monday played American Legion ball for Santa Monica Bay Cities Post 123 in California.

From Yahoo Sports:

Looking back on Rick Monday's flag-saving incident in 1976 originally appeared on nbcsportschicago.com

"I would rather be remembered as someone who stood up and did something about something I felt strongly about, than as someone who just stood there and watched the parade go by."...

43 years after the flag incident, Rick Monday works in the Dodgers radio broadcast booth and that American flag is still a part of his life. He and his wife take the flag around the country while raising money for military charities. Monday says he reacted quickly that day because that's the way he was raised. Six years in the United States Marine Corps Forces Reserves only reinforced those instincts.

"It's a good thing I did get it, because I did not want any of my former drill instructors from the Marine Corps to come and say, 'Hey Marine! Why did you stand there and watch when they ignited the American flag?" Monday said.

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I do not remember the incident when it happened, but I will not forget it now!

As a member of the American Legion for over 20 years around this country. I see this act of Americanism as a show of who we are. I am presently the Commander of Post 109 in Corona de Tucson, AZ.

As time passes, I realize to not make snap judgements. Knowing this now, I have the utmost respect for Rick Monday. I was wrong for not respecting him because he was a cub.

As a Viet Nam era Navy veteran, and having said that I am proud of Monday's stopping that public attempted flag burning. This was at a time when people were spitting on Nam vets and calling them baby killers . That action had to be seen as herioc to many. Oora Marine

Member 0709 Leonard Yates Rancho Cordova CA. In Dannebrog NE helping flood victims. The flag outside our disaster center is ripped and tattered from the severe storm, straight-line winds and flooding. 222 E Oak Street Dannebrog NE. Population 303. Perhaps someone can donate a replacement?

There is probably an American Legion Post near you that will get the replacement flag.
Google Legion.org
then: Find a Post
Put in your city & state
Posts near you will be there.
Yours in Service,
Jim C., Commander
American Legion Post 147, Odessa, FL

I just saw the clip and I was very moved. I am an Army veteran and retired 32 years police officer. Thank you Rick Monday your actions were exceptional. There wouldn’t be any sports if it were not for the VETERN. You are a hero to me!!!!

I am a very proud veteran because of the selfless acts of others throughout the years and made more proud by this act of Rick Monday. Heck of a ballplayer and a heck of an American!

Came to tears when I saw this. What a moment in our history, when a fellow jarhead took action to save our honor once again. I wish the half of America who don't care would wake up. May 25, 2019

As an American Legion member, presently Commander Post 130, Cayce, SC, I am moved by Mr. Monday's heroic effort. He is a hero!

Rick Monday is a hero not just for his actions that day: Rick and his charming and gracious wife Barbaralee tour Veteran Homes, VA hospital and VFW and American Legion posts with that very flag and talk to active duty and veterans alike. When I deployed I wrote to Rick and Barbaralee to thank them and they corresponded with me throughout five tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, giving me wonderful words of faith and encouragement. The two of them should receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Mr. Monday. Sir your actions that Day will always show our Country and the World, why we are one of the Reasons that (even when they kick us to the curb) the World comes to Live in Our Country!!! Because of Men and Women who STAND up for Morals and Dignity!!! May God Bless U and Your Family!!! Hooah!!!

I remember you well. Vietnam vet. Wish you could talk to some of these so called football players who like to kneel instead of pledeging to the flag of all the great soldiers men an women who have fought an died for those stars an stripes.GOD BLESS ALL

thank you for saving our flag that day.as a retired veteran you made me proud.

That is what is meant by " SEMPER FIDELIS "

I am very proud of his decisive actions, an action some other sport figures should take note of. It is very refreshing to see that some one will unashamedly "STAND UP" for the flag of the United States!!

I am USAF 1962-1966. This video should be required in every classroom in our great country. We must not left the politically correct mis-informed out shine this noble deed.

I remember watching Rick Monday as a kid playing baseball. A great player and a true American. I just wonder how many players today would do the same thing???

This is the clip I use to teach my Boy Scouts flag respect, not the traders that take a knee.

I just became aware of this video and your actions on the baseball field that day. It surely was a great act. I was in the Air Force and was stationed at Eielson AFB, Alaska from 1962-1964. If I remember correctly, I saw you play for the team called the Goldpanners in the Midnight Sun game one of the years I was stationed there. Thank you for that act and for your service in the USMC.

I was just a young Army recruit in basic training when that happened. Didn't find out about it until later, but I thought it was great. HOOAH.

T his is a great article not just because the flag was saved from two idiots, but brings to attention that some people wish to change our history because they feel offended. THe NYY and Philies have eliminated Kate Smith's rendition of God Bless America. Funny how the names of those making the stupid demands is omitted and funny how the NYY and Philies bow to these demands

I am a US Army 1962-1968 and glad to see what Rick Monday did for our flag back in 1976. If only more would feel the same today.

I respect with Rick Monday did, a very noble and patriotic gesture, but it doesn't come close to what my brother Veterans did on the battle field. Veterans are true hero's all of them


I am a Viet Nam Vteteran with 14 yrs active service to our flag and our country. It is patriots like you who make me pround!

That wonderful picture was shot by a sports photographer at the Los Angeles Herald Examiner,

That famous moment was captured on film by the Los Angeles Herald-Examiner photographer James Roark.
He worked at the paper as the chief photographer until it folded and he lost his job and he moved to Portland, Oregon. He was brutally beaten by teenagers one day while walking home and died from his injuries.

It's so sad that they think by burning the flag people are going to be OK with that. My grandfather, my father, and myself, all served in he military. How DARE you burn our flag. Your parents must still be in shock. I hope you were disciplined to a sense of more responsibility then that. How can you decide to do that to our flag. You are so lucky you are not my child. Enough said.

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