Orlando House Flippers unearth one of the first Medals of Honor

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Orlando House Flippers unearth one of the first Medals of Honor

This is a pretty wild find here:

As someone who reads about the Medal and has attended roughly 20 ceremonies, this is big.  A few years ago when I first heard about the "Great Locomotive Chase" I bought like 3 books on the subject as well as the movies. 

But for those not familiar with it, here is a great article from The Daily Beast:

The Union raiders had succeeded in stealing a locomotive, the General, in what is today’s Kennesaw, outside Atlanta. They had then steamed back toward Union lines, all the while intending to destroy the single-line railway behind them. Those train tracks through the rugged cliffs, over the rivers and dense forests of northwestern Georgia served as the all-vital supply line to Confederate forces massed in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Only the swift action of a sharp-eyed railroad employee had kept the infiltrators from putting the rail line out of action.

Despite their ultimate failure, their raid continues to resonate to this very day. One of the locomotives involved in the Great Locomotive Chase, the Texas, which chased down and finally led to the capture of the Union train thieves, has just been completely restored. This past month, in early May, a gleaming Texas was trucked to its new home at the Atlanta History Center. The engine and tender will go on public display next year as part of the building of a new $32 million facility to house the refurbished Atlanta Cyclorama, the 359-foot-long, 42-foot-tall cylindrical oil painting with 3-D landscape foreground depicting the cataclysmic, July 22, 1864, Battle of Atlanta. That battle might not have had to be fought if the Union Army’s risky attempt to foreshorten the war on April 12, 1862, had not failed.

If you prefer videos to reading a lot though, this guy does an exceptional job of laying out what happened:

Well, now a friend and great advocate (as well as Legionnaire), Zachariah Fike from Purple Hearts Reunited found the family:

Great story and great ending!

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