American exceptionalism: Sailors and Marines drink Iceland dry

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American exceptionalism: Sailors and Marines drink Iceland dry

Slow news story in terms of veterans news, but this made me giggle [from Military Times]:

A national crisis hit Iceland this week when a force of 7,000 American sailors and Marines [...] invaded the country’s capital city of Reykjavík, flexed an unquenchable thirst for frosty suds and swiftly drained much of the city’s beer supply.

Upon arrival, sailors and Marines taking part in NATO’s Trident Juncture exercise wasted no time getting wasted, Iceland Magazine reported, with most making a beeline straight from the ship to the closest bar to locate, close with and destroy beers.


Give me your tired, your thirsty, your huddled masses yearning to drink beer.

A local blogger gives some extra flavor via Iceland Magazine:

The local blogger Eiríkur Jónsson spoke to restaurateurs who said they had never experienced a similar situation. Bar owners who ran out of beer tried to solve the issue by borrowing from bars which were better stocked, while members of the delivery team from Ölgerðin were called out to help the bar owners cope, but "they were fighting an overwhelming force," as Eiríkur puts it.

One of the owners of Sæta Svínið told Vísir that the first soldiers came in on Wednesday, the same night as the first ships came to port, and that they stayed until Sunday when the ships left port. With most of the ships and sailors out of port downtown bar owners have managed to restock after the weekend's assault.

What is perhaps most encouraging is that Iceland is actually 20th in the world in per capita beer consumption, higher even than the United States.  Then again, no one ever accused Marines and Sailors of being the norm on alcohol consumption.


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