Why I'm not covering the hipster writer who burned the flag on the Fourth of July

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Why I'm not covering the hipster writer who burned the flag on the Fourth of July

Some hipster reporter for The Atlantic, Daily Beast and Rolling Stone (among others) decided that he would celebrate the Fourth of July by burning an American Flag, and then posting the image to Twitter.  I'm sure he did this for the attention which is why I'm not going to give his name or a link to it.  I'm getting lots of emails about it, but I just don't have it in me to fire up the rage machine when it will just make this clown more famous or infamous, either of which is clearly his desired outcome.

I did find it somewhat humorous that his picture which he captioned "I just burned a flag in celebration of the First Amendment" came a few tweets after he was complaining about Walmart selling a shirt hostile to reporters and suggesting everyone boycott that chain.  Granted the First Amendment doesn't govern private entities doing things, but it still seems a bit hypocritical.  I somehow suspect he could walk down the street in his omnipresent Che Guevera shirt and take umbrage with someone wearing a "MAGA" hat and not even realize the logical pretzel he's tied himself in.

I find the people who espouse the most support for the First Amendment generally either don't have any skin in the game, or only view it from one side.  For instance, I find no record of this guy complaining about the idsparate requirements which California was instituting on speakers of different political pursuasions.  I guess Free Speech is important when it comes to flag burning, but when UC Berkeley charged conservative groups more for speakers than those on the left, that is perfectly fine.

Either way, he's getting brutalized on Twitter by people who get it.  Some of my favorites:

Remember when journalist worked so hard they didn't have time to tweet nonsense? Somebody, please give this hungry dude a gig. 

About as edgy as a butter knife. 

Did you get Mommy's permission to use the matches?

If this guy really wanted to "celebrate Free Speech" there are literally hundreds of cases going on around the country, and with the ability to write about them in major outlets, he could be covering them.  But instead he bought a 6 inch flag and lit it on fire.  

Pardon me if I don't submit him for some bravery in journalism award.  It's a petulent act of a small man, and not even worth noting.  But he'll get followers out of it, and the attention he so desperately seeks, and he may even get some satisfaction thinking he's actually done something. 

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