ISIS territory down to 20 x 6 miles, can still wreak havoc

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ISIS territory down to 20 x 6 miles, can still wreak havoc

Once again, good and bad news in Syria/Iraq with regard to ISIS.

First, the good:

The Islamic State’s once-grand and terrorizing hold of Syria is down to just a small patch of land about 20 miles by six miles along the Euphrates River and is expected to fall within just a few months, a top French commander involved in operations there said Tuesday.

“We hope that the last combat will go quickly,” said French Brig. Gen. Frederic Parisot, director of civil military operations for Combined Joint Task Force-Operation Inherent Resolve. Parisot said there are a few hundred fighters remaining in Syria that the coalition is still fighting.

“We still are in the fight, for at least two to three months, and then obviously there will be more decisions,” Parisot said.

The remaining ISIS fighters are located on a strip of land between the Syrian cities of Abu Kamal along the Iraqi border and Hajin, on the Euphrates River.

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