War Memorial flag thief has the worst excuse in the history of excuses

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War Memorial flag thief has the worst excuse in the history of excuses

This isn't technically a Darwin Award type situation, but the level of stupidity on this one is so high they may need to somehow honor this guy:

Police in a Pennsylvania town have caught a man suspected of stealing flags from several locations, including a recently restored war memorial. And the man, police say, has a puzzling excuse. 

Raymond Jaquay is accused of stealing U.S. and POW/MIA flags from sites in western Pennsylvania including Brackenridge Memorial Park, and a Marine Corps flag from an ice cream shop in Tarentum, according to CBS Pittsburgh. Police identified Jaquay through surveillance video from a nearby business and arrested him on June 2.

When officers went to his home, they found the flags. When asked why he stole the flags, police say Jaquay told them a curtain rod in his home broke and he needed something to cover his windows, CBS Pittsburgh reports.

Maybe the guy could have printed out and used MENSA applications.

From KDKA in Pittsburgh:

Nice to see the Legion gets some airtime in this:

"We'll just keep on raising it. Hopefully, nobody takes it back down again," Cmdr. Frank Svitek, of the Brackenridge American Legion Post, said of the flag. "Show some respect for the veterans."

In general I am very sympathetic to blocking out sunlight.  I'd live underground if I could, but my wife vetoed that idea.  I'd covered windows with just about everything, so I can get a nap in the afternoon.  At Boys State I bring a heavy wool blanket and two rolls of Gorilla Tape to cover the windows.  But if you find yourself engaging in theft, especially from a War Memorial, you may want to rethink your life decisions.

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He bears a striking resemblance to Michael Rotondo, the 30 year old from Camillus, NY who's parents had to evict him from their home. There must be a genetic link somewhere.

He needs his ass tuned up and a good old-fashioned military blanket party would be a great start!

Luckily there aren't too many of these morons walking the earth.

Give him 10 hours per week community service at the local American Legion AND the VFW for a month (That is if he isn't on disability for a "bad back" or DPA on account of he's too pretty) . If he comes out alive, he might just learn something...But I doubt it.

Get off your butt, get a job and buy your own curtain rod & drape!

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