SP4 Mafia Strikes? Soldier steals APC and joyrides through Richmond

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SP4 Mafia Strikes?  Soldier steals APC and joyrides through Richmond

As a lawyer and an NCO, I'm obligated to remind everyone that stealing a vehicle and leading a low speed chase on I95 into Richmond is a bad idea.  But at the same time, no one got hurt, and you kind of have to like the cut of this guy's jib:

Alas, we don't have much info on this one yet, so I guess we just have to ponder what might possess someone to steal a M577 from Fort Pickett and drive it to Richmond.  That's like 60 miles, which in that vehicle (which is basically our old M113's but for command and control) would take like an hour and a half.  The top speed is about 40 MPH.  

This is the scant info we do have:

A soldier is in custody after stealing an armored personnel carrier and leading police on a more than 60-mile chase, a Virginia State Police spokesperson said.

The suspect got inside an armored personnel vehicle and drove away from Fort Pickett in Nottoway County about 7:50 p.m., police said.

Police pursued the man as he drove along Route 460, northbound on Interstate 95 and along Broad Street — a main throughgare for traffic in Richmond, Virginia.

The vehicle, which is not equipped with any weapons, topped out at 45 mph, police said.

Videos on social media appear to show the armored personnel carrier cruising with several police cars in pursuit.

This isn't the first time something like this has happened, in 1995 a guy in San Diego stole a M60 tank and started running over cars and such:

And in a simliar sort of situation:  (from YouTube)

Marvin John Heemeyer (October 28, 1951 -- June 4, 2004) was an American skilled welder and owner of an automobile muffler shop. On June 4, 2004, frustrated over a failed zoning dispute, Heemeyer plowed his homemade armored bulldozer into the town hall, a former mayor's home and other buildings in small-town Granby, Colorado. When the bulldozer's radiator and hydraulic system failed, he killed himself with a shotgun. Heemeyer used an armor-plated Komatsu D355A bulldozer to destroy 13 buildings in Granby, Colorado.

And, of course, no tank stealing retrospective would be complete without the 1984 James Garner classic movie, Tank:

Again, I have no idea what this guy's major malfunction was, but I'm sure we'll find out in the days to come.  

It could be just as H.L. Mencken once noted:  "Every normal man must be tempted at times to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin to slit throats."  Thankfully no throats were cut, and no actual damage was done, but this may be the best chase scene since the entire world watched a white Ford Bronco moving at like 40 down the highway with Orenthal James Simpson sitting in the passenger seat.

UPDATE: Was a 1LT, and company commander of HHC 276th Engineers of the Virginia Guard.  (I was in that ENG unit for exactly 1 day on paper before I transfered).

An Army National Guard officer accused of stealing an armored personnel carrier from a Virginia base and leading police on a more than 60-mile (100-kilometer) chase was driving under the influence of drugs, police said Wednesday.

In a Wednesday evening phone call from Virginia’s Central State Hospital, Yabut told The Associated Press he was authorized to take the vehicle on a pre-planned route as part of a training exercise to gauge the police response. Yabut said his brigade commander, who he declined to name, told him to take the vehicle. The psychiatric hospital is in Petersburg, Virginia, and its patients include people receiving court-ordered mental health evaluations and treatment.

Yabut also denied authorities’ claim that he was under the influence of drugs during the incident. “That’s a big ‘NO’ with capital letters,” he said.

And, because of the world we live in now, he was live-tweeting it:

He wrote a series of odd tweets Tuesday, including: “where is this damn water buffalo” ″all i wanna do is get an anime wife” and “wow I think I just discovered a large illegal spy operation in the us government.”

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