Michigan World War II veteran without family to be buried Wednesday with hundreds of strangers coming to pay tribute

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Michigan World War II veteran without family to be buried Wednesday with hundreds of strangers coming to pay tribute

I’ve been to a few of these such events, and they are always gratifying to some extent, because it reminds us that the bonds of brotherhood don’t necessarily come from bloodlines or even knowing someone.

From Fox 17 in west Michigan:

The amount of community support for recently deceased World War II veteran Samuel Schwartz is more than his friend James Linton ever expected when he reached out to FOX 17 to spread the word on Schwartz's funeral.

Schwartz has no family left who can attend his funeral, and Linton was worried no one would attend. When Schwartz passed away last Monday at the age of 94, James was there by his side during his final moments so he didn't die alone and now, also thanks to Linton, he won't go unknown.

After FOX 17 aired his story, Linton says he's been contacted by several local veteran's organizations and even total strangers who want to pay their respects to Schwartz.

“There’s just been an outpouring of response," Linton tells FOX 17. “When I sat at my laptop at night after his death, thinking that if we just get somebody to come, it wouldn’t just be my wife and our pastor and his wife and now it looks like we’re gonna have a really good turnout.”

The funeral will be on Wednesday, April 11 at 1:30 p.m. at Graceland Memorial Park in Grand Rapids.

The news report on it includes an interview with the American Legion Post Commander who will be getting his folks out there:

Good job members of American Legion Post 179, we appreciate all you do. If you happen to live nearby, I hope you will consider showing up to pay tribute to one of our fallen brothers.


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