An interesting historical find from 1930 - Legion Defeats Marines 13-7 in Football

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An interesting historical find from 1930 - Legion Defeats Marines 13-7 in Football

A blog I follow, Barstool Sports, has a podcast Zero Blog Thirty featuring a Marine purple heart recipient named Chaps, and has a cohost named Kate Mannion.  If you are not familiar with Barstool Sports, allow me to give you the warning now, it’s often NSFW, and politically incorrect, so it might not be for everyone.  In fact, it definitely isn’t.  But, Kate has an excellent historical post today with the Legion making an appearance (again, slight language warning):

Yesterday I was in my great uncle’s basement sorting through his vast selection of Marine Corps clippings & memorabilia and wound up dribbling down the lane of sports/March Madness history. If you stop reading here based off that pun alone, I understand.

John served in the Korean War with a machine gun platoon from Charlie Company, 1st Marine Regiment, 1st Marine Division. These men used hooks and ladders to climb 16ft. seawalls at Incheon under the command of Col. Chesty Puller, fighting their way to Seoul in a series of bloody skirmishes.

Ever since, he’s been Chesty’s #1 fan & a proud Marine who’s kept an incredible collection of historical records, partially in hope that people remember the sacrifices of brave men in “the Forgotten War”.

A Marine myself, I was nerding out & took some boxes back to my apartment for further research. Among my favorite items, a ‘Sound of Marine Corps Boot Camp’ record from 1960 featuring cadences from Drill Instructors at San Diego & Parris Island.

Anyway, one of the things she found was the picture at the top of this post.  (You can follow her on Twitter HERE.)

I had never heard of such a thing, but I did find out some interesting things, first from the New York Times, which covered it on November 12, 1930:

QUANTICO MARINES DEFEATED BY PASS; Aerial in Last Minute of Play Brings l3-7 Victory to the Philadelphia Legion. WALL TOSSES TO DESMOND Rogers, Former Penn Star, Also Scores for All-Stars--Crowd of 40,000 Sees Game.

PHILADELPHIA, Nov. 11.--Forty thousand persons saw the Quantico Marines lose in the last minute of play to the American Legion All Stars on Franklin Field this afternoon, 13 to 7.

Alas, unless you have a subscription (and I do not) that’s all you can access.  However, I asked our historian here to see if he had anything, and sure enough, it was covered in the American Legion Monthly (the precursor to The American Legion Magazine) from January of 1931 (page 35):

Philadelphia Holiday

ARMISTICE Day of 1930 was a school holiday in Philadelphia for the first time and twelve thousand high school students were guests of the Philadelphia County Council of The American Legion at a football game between the Quantico Marines and an all-star team representing the Legion.

The Legion team won in the final moment of play on a long forward pass. This thrill was only one of many in the whole celebration of the holiday, reports Fabian F. Levy, District Commander, who adds that 40,000 persons saw the game played at Franklin Field. Receipts were divided between the Marines, for use in connection with the school for children of men stationed at Quantico, and the Legion, for county welfare work. Before the game three thousand Marines paraded, headed by General Butler. They also put on drills in the stadium. Addresses in Independence Square and a series of social events for the Marines and their wives helped make the day memorable.

Kind of a cool historical find I wanted to share with you.  She found some other fairly funny things as well, including a letter of admonition to Marines at Camp Lejeune in 1944, “ stamp out all immorality & vice practices in hotels, rooming houses, and all other public places...”

Frankly I am stunned (STUNNED!) to find that Marines of 1944 would engage in such vice.  Go check it out.





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