California Teacher Gregory Salcido who called military “lowest of the low” fired from teaching position

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California Teacher Gregory Salcido who called military “lowest of the low” fired from teaching position

Sorry for the delay in posting, went on vacation to enjoy the first round of the NCAA’s and St Patricks Day, and returned to a house with the flu.  And while today started slow, I finally got some good news worth blogging about:

A Southern California teacher who was recorded bashing the U.S. military in a profane classroom rant was fired Tuesday evening.

Board of Education President Aurora Villon said the El Rancho Unified School District reached a unanimous decision to fire Gregory Salcido, a history teacher at El Rancho High School and elected Pico Rivera city councilman, the Los Angeles Times reported.

“His comments do not reflect what we stand for, who we are,” Villon said, adding that “the classroom should never be a place where students feel that they are picked at, bullied, intimidated."

Very generally speaking I’m not a huge fan of getting fired for personal views.  That however doesn’t extend to voicing those views a) at work b) to minors c) using profanity and d) bringing disrepute to your employer.

Here is the School Board announcing the firing:

 For the 4 people who haven’t heard his earlier rant, here you go:

We have a bunch of dumb shits over there.  [Our service members in Iraq and Afghanistan.]  Think about the people that you know over there, your fricken stupid uncle Louie, or whatever, they’re dumb shits.  They’re not like high level thinkers, they’re not academic people, they’re not intellectual people.  They’re the fricken lowest of our low.”

On the off chance you also missed him defending  those first iditioc statements, this one is actually even better, because somehow it’s actually dumber....

Salcido has 30 days to contest his firing, and I suspect he will.  But it's going to be a pretty high hurdle to get over this one.


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There is a God. Glad he was fired now he should face a firing squad or put a uniform on him give him a weapon and ammo then send him to the war zone

Scarier yet, how many other "teachers" are preaching the same message to these kids. No wonder they are eating tide pods.

Military service, 100% DAV, retired from Ind. Tech teaching where I guided young men to careers in trades, technology, and military. Currently dedicated to serving veterans as a District Commander, only to be bashed for being a teacher by a fellow Legionnaire. Thank you for your service.

When will the good citizens of Pico Rivera start the recall process to remove him from office as a city council member? As a veteran and educator, I support his right to say dumb stuff, but I also support him experiencing the consequences of saying dumb stuff.

California Teacher Gregory Salcido; has anyone had time to kick his arse yet? Give me 5 minutes with him....his tune would change after 2 minutes.
SFC, US Army (Ret)

Couldn't happen to a more DESERVING low-life, waste-of-human-flesh slug.
They say if you CAN, then DO
If you can't, then teach,
If ya CAN'T teach, go into dem politics....
He tried teaching AND politics and COULDN'T do either!
What a loser!!

I'm retired military (20 years), Avionics superintendent..... USAF JROTC Instructor (27 years) ..Worked with the Gemini program.Have three degrees (1 Masters). The comment, "Those that cannot do, teach", in my opinion, can't/won't do either! Jacob Schu..Commander at American Legion must be talking through his rear because folks in his position should know better.

I'm a retired teacher, AF Vet. Never would this nut have been hired to teach H.S. classes when I was teaching. This school system surly needs a much better way to weed out this type idiot during the interview process if they even have one. Love it or LEAVE IT comes to mind as an AMERICAN.

I proudly served during the Vietnam Era. Not only was it the patriotic thing to do, it was my ticket to a college education. I don't see that as being dumb or the lowest of the low. After a 40 year career teaching in higher education, I still value the lessons learned while in the military. And Commander Schu, shame on you for your "Those who cannot do, teach." comment. I expect more from a fellow veteran and Legionnaire -- especially one in District leadership.

While I believe in his freedom of speech and thank those who have fought for that right, I also feel he was not entitled to freedom of speech in this instance as he is a teacher and is subject to teaching what is approved syllabus for his class and I don’t recall any history books ever referring military members as dumb___’s.

"Freedom of Speech" while a "right" is not without limitations and where appropriate, is very specific. One can not have been in the military and not been educated in some of those limitations (without consequences) during the first day of boot camp and through most of their enlistment. Like the military, the public education school classroom is not a democracy. Conduct is specific for the student as well as the educator (teacher). Unlike universities, etc. the student is not free to just walk out if he or she doesn't like what they hear (without consequences) nor is the teacher allowed to disrespect the student or the system. The conduct of this teacher went beyond his freedom of speech "rights" into the realm of misconduct. This has nothing to do with being liberal, conservative, American, military, Latino. To imply or state otherwise is to do a disservice to those in whose hands we place our children and their future and to the principles we fought for in the pursuit of a "more perfect Union".

Ron Grabski · Eastern Illinois University
The problem is, he did it in a classroom/teaching setting. That is an arena in which we generally teach our children listen to the teacher because he is a person with knowledge and authority. Same fool, saying this in the public square would be protected. But this is high school and unlike college, students may not be able to avoid his class. If a student stood up in class and said "Mr.Salcido and all teachers arei stupid and the lowest of the low and are dumb-s--ts,", would the teacher be justified in having the student removed from the class? If the teacher adds a question on a test based on his lecture "True or false ,soldiers are dumb and the lowest of the low", would the student who answered " false" have the question marked as incorrect.
So the problem is that he said it as part of classroom instruction, and therefore deserves to be fired.

This man wouldn’t cut it with anyone in the military. I had real men in my platoon in Vietnam. He doesn’t deserve to live in our country.

A teacher? The remark that those that can ... do and those that can't teach is insulting to the vast number of teachers/instructors/etc. that have dedicated themselves to a profession centered on developing young people for life in today's society. Yes, some teachers may at times be misguided however to refer Mr. Salcido as a teacher is too gratuitous.

i am a veitnam and desert storm retired vetern and to hear a man /teacher to say the things he said about us he should be put on the front lines and see how it feels to be shot at if it wasn't for any of us this great country of ours would not be free or any other country for that matter.the comments this a***hole said in a class room this is why our kids of today have no respect for anything or know what freedom is.glad they fired him

I Enlisted after high school graduation in the U.S. as a "R.A." (i.e. Regular Army)
I took a 7 year hitch so as to get the Army Aviation Schools that I wanted. I became a Flying Crew Chief on the Bell "Huey" helicopter in Vietnam in 1962....We moved out of nam after the TET Offensive as a Political Decision the military had nothing to do with that. The N. Vietnamese were ready to surrender and our "Brilliant Political minds were just to dumb to see it or listen to the Military.
Anyone who has not served in the military has absolutely no right to have opinions on a subject they no nothing about Not to mention be subjecting students to their lack of the facts.

I wonder if George Washington, Andrew Jackson, Dwight Eisenhower, John Kennedy, Colen Powell and John Glenn are the lowest of low. I believe you need to be able to plan, think and try to predict what your adversary is going to do. And some times in very short time. I wonder if that teacher even understands what a soldier might need to do or decide in a split second. At least that dumbshit of a soldier gives him freedom of speech and many other freedoms. He should learn to respect that soldier! He is a very shallow man.

I am both a veteran and an El Rancho Graduate (1959) and was ashamed of what appeared to be cowardice on the part of the school board. It looks like they finally got the message and did the right thing. I hope the voters in Pico-Rivera insist that future board members have strong positions on issues like this. Please keep the board's feet to the fire, and keep our schools free from pieces of garbage like this teacher, please.

That jerk thinks people in the military are dumb? I am a retired college professor , a Vietnam veteran and a member of MENSA. I bet his IQ isn't high enough to qualify for membership. He should not
be allowed to use a classroom with a captive audience to spout his B.S. He should not be a teacher
and should find another country to live in.

Your comment is a shot from the hip that is not dignified for your position. Teaching is a profession not meant for everyone but most who do it are there for the children. Be not so quick to judge everyone because of one.

The perfect home for liberals.
1. Everyone is treated equally
2. Free Food
3. Free medical and healthcare
4. Only the Police and Guards have guns



While Mr. Salcido has the right to express his opinions, I believe he shouldn't speak about the military as he did unless he walked a ten-miler in our combat boots. A suitable punishment might be a few months in basic on Parris Island. Then he might respect our military personnel a bit more.

You just can't fix stupid.

I’m sure that this teacher never spent any time in the services, he probably hid in schools any was given a free education that tax pavers footed the bill for. While we were out protecting his dumb ass and watching so many of my buddies loose theirs, I can only say I and I’m sure so many other vets would like too talk to him in a alley.

This teacher is like the rest of the sheep in this country, weak and scared.
Thank God for the Sheppards. I hope I run into him.

I could not afford college and enlisted before being drafted. I am a 100% disabled veteran with an MBA and certifications from professional organizations. I received my advanced education using my GI benefits which I earned. MY body is literally falling apart due to my service and I suffer from constant pain from my physical disabilities which are a direct result of putting my dumb ass on the line. If this makes me a dumb shit, then I am proud to be one!

This 'teacher' should think before he speaks......I am a Korean War took me
Eight years to get my degree -nights, summers,days, and time off for the War but I
Graduated and proud of it....

As a veteran and a retired educator, Mr. Salcido was totally out of line when he made the statements as a classroom teacher. He should of known better; but, it appears he is the one without brains or intelligence. He should stay fired and not get another job in public education. His personal views are his own and because of the US Military supporting the Constitution he can hold them and state them without fear of reprisal. They do not belong in his classroom.

My family has a very high percentage of men who served in the military and became very successful in life many of us with college degrees. I'm a retired Engineer who served during Viet Nam as a Petty Officer in the Navy. I went to college on my Veterans Benefits and Graduated Cum Laude. So did one brother, a son and a half a dozen cousins. For what it's worth people like Sacido, Maters Degree not withstanding, approach life from a very ignorant point of view.
Ernie DeCaro
Auburn, NY

I can't believe what I just heard in the youtube recording. Call me old fashioned, but when I went to elementary, jr high, and high school, no teacher used profanity or vulgar language to teach children or young adults. That is a disgusting display of moral and civilized values, and this guy should have been fired for that reason alone. To assault and humiliate the very military that protects his ass is repugnant and demeaning to all who serve. If this is what our colleges are putting out to educate our children, then we as a nation are in the very depths of ignorance. This guy is not only disgusting, but he's a moron.

i would like to see this guy attend a blue angles or thunderbirds air show and have the
guts to tell the pilots how stupid or low class they are.that's if he could find his way to
the airport..

I am an honorably discharged Viet Nam era vet, former Legion post commander, and life member of the VFW. I went through college using my GI Bill benefits, and obtained a BA as a Technical Communications Specialist. I have, for 40+ years, run my own very successful business producing print and Web material for many other companies, as well as doing software security analyses for such industry leaders as Cray Research and MTS Systems Inc.

Hearing someone who is so obviously prejudiced, biased, and completely uneducated using vile language a an instructor in a high school to denigrate a matter as sensitive and respectable as service in the US military is, in my humble opinion, beyond the pale. I fully agree with others who have said that he should be fired, his teaching license revoked **forever**, and that he should be removed from the city council for using his position as a Councilman as a bully pulpit for even attempting to defend his inappropriate remarks in a classroom.

However (and I know this will earn me lots of rude replies), sinking to his level of using vile language or generalized remarks about the teaching (or any other) profession in response to his obvious lack of education does not make the responders seem more enlightened. Please, folks, take the time to get your wrath under control before spewing venom. In other words, don't post just to pump hydrogen into the fire.

That said, I agree that if he wants to spew his opinions - even in a public forum - he has the right to do so. However, what others have so clearly stated is that as a *public employee* he does NOT have the right to use any of his public positions as a forum for expressing his narrow-minded and thoughtless opinions. It does not matter if the topic is military, politics, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, or whatever, expressions of personal opinions about those and similar topics are not appropriate for expression within the confines of public service jobs. In fact, any public employee who does so is subject to being fired, immediately and with legal 'prejudice'.

As a very small boy, my grandmother taught me a lesson in life that have that I have found (over 70+ years) to be quite valuable. "Your right to swing ends where my nose begins!" In other words, think before you speak or act. This ... person ... obviously never had the benefit of a good upbringing. It's sad, and we all should pity him - even as we escort him (gently, but firmly) out the doors of both the school in which he taught and the Council of the city in which he served as consequences of his failure to consider his actions before he opened his mouth.

Respectful regards to all -

I'm a 100 % disabled Viet Nam veteran & am proud to have served my country even if we have people like this who enjoys the freedoms the military provides.

He can have his job back and his council seat back if he serves 160 hours, 8am to 4pm, at Walter Reed with the heroes his remarks denigrated. That should do it.

Why is it when short on facts, most liberals resort to name calling . Honorably discharge US Naval Air. Also a special thanks who met us a the airport with threats and jeers in the late 60's and 70's.

For anyone recommending this guy be sent to the front lines. How many of you would want this guy serving next to you in a combat situation? Think about it.

In his apology he put down fast food workers. That's too bad because now he'll be calling them coworkers.

I served in Vietnam from 1970 to 1972 then went back as a defense contractor through 1973. Before enlisting I completed two years in junior college. Since returning to the World I earned a BS and and MA, There's your lowest of the low. There are a lot more like me. And many who are a lot better educated. I also met plenty of soldiers with high school educations or GED's who were a lot smarter than me. We may not have all been geniuses but we are all brothers and sisters in arms. This guy stands alone. That is a sad thing. I hope he learns how to control his negative energy and focus it towards good.

I respect the right of an idiot and a fool to have comments, free speech, and personal opinions. I also respect the right of the public to remove him from office, and the office of the superintendent of schools to fire him with prejudice. Further, I respect the right of the public to place this plastic educator, along with his peers, on the front lines in Iraq, Afghanistan, Korea or any other place in the world where the presence and action of the military would be his only protection.
"he who hates instruction is stupid." Prov 12:1 This is by far the only reference in literature where a fool or a stupid person is defined by their self-glorified pride and the pollution of their mouths. He is unfit to be a councilman or a teacher.

This man is not suitable to be a teacher. He is teaching the young people to disrespect their, nations defenders. I would bet that if there were a invasion of the United States with some enemy taking shots at American citizens, Gregory Salcido would be the first to demand that our military protect him.

What a disgrace he is to the profession of teachers.

Another America-hating degenerate spouting his "swill" to children. Don't be surprised if the union there gets this POS reinstated.

Look, I am a prior military, and a teacher. along the way I have worked on private business, successfully. The bottom line is that about 95 percent of all people are decent, hard working and capable. It is only the 5 percent that create the issues and are the ones that generate issues. So all of you that make stupid comments that create dissention need to back off. If ya don't have anything good to say refrain from general statements that do not address the issues.

This "teacher' didn't have much of an education! Do you think freedom of speech came from thin air? No it came from the military! As a DAV Vietnam vet we were glad that protester like this "teacher" did not serve in the military as we did not need cowards in Nam! These elite people stay out of the military so they could meet in dark alleys behind locked doors so they could plot which building they could blow up next! Which young mind they could twist! Its been said many time we learn from the past! But guy didn't!!!

To Jacob Schu, Commander

Is that a fact or is that your opinion. You have just devalued an entire career field because of one individual. You are an embarrassment to your position and should resign.

If he's to stupid to rant without profanity to students, than he's to stupid to try an teach them!@@

It is still very sad, that there are persons like the teacher/councilman..that still have a low view of military service. I wonder how he felt when he heard and saw the Twin towers come down in 2001 ?
Did he want to send to the Middle East, a bunch of "postdocs" to educate those dummies.?

is this teacher a vet from any branch of the service and if he's not send him some where he or she can try to be part of our family I been in the army now let that person try to make it just in boot camp and show them how it feels to do just that part and everything we had 2 do there

We shouldn’t make too much of what Salcido said. It’s merely compensation for being a coward. Feel sorry for the guy...and fire him. :)

To Paul Fishcette, your prejudgest is showing in the matter of hispanics and the people of California. My dad served in the Army in the Philippines in WWII, my second and third and I were in the Air Force during the Viet Nam conflict. We were farm laborers. We all proudly served in the military. Everyone in these United States has a right of freedom of speech. But, in forum not in a class room full of juveniles. This is how you end up with young people killing their classmates.

I challenged this idiot teacher to a "duel" on the 50 yard line of El Rancho football field--Bare knuckles or shotguns at 20 paces. I am retired Marine ---75 years old--but pretty sure I could kick his flabby ass.
Naturally he didn't respond because he is a coward

Artillery forwrd observer 2/9 and 3/3, Vietnam 1965-1966

As a 100% Disabled Service Connected US Army Veteran with a Bronze Star and Two Purple Hearts, and one who has had a member of his family in every conflict this country has ever been in from the Revolutionary War to the war in the Middle East and who has given blood and body as well as members of my family who died in service to this country, I want five minutes alone in a room with this bald headed creep. The first 30 seconds would be business and the other 4 min 30 would be absolute pleasure. After which this man would be begging to put on a uniform to atone for his past words and actions. The only people I feel sorry for is his wife and children as sadly they may be painted with the same brush. And if he is not recalled from his politics position, he knows full well and good he will never be re-elected because of the shame he brought to the office and the city itself. He is done. His best bet would be to move to Berkley and see if he can get a teaching position there.

They should build another wall to keep out Californians. Nothing good comes out of there any more. Perverts, hollywood creeps and mexican teachers bashing the military, idiot mayers in favor of illegals and a governor who is clueless.


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