Army defeats Navy 14-13, wins first Commander in Chief’s trophy since 1996

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Army defeats Navy 14-13, wins first Commander in Chief’s trophy since 1996

Are you a fan of high octane offenses that throw the ball non-stop?

If so, the Army/Navy game was probably not a good one for you, as the two teams only got 22 yards combined in the air, on 2 of 3 completions.  But, if you love a war in the trenches between the O-line and the D-line, this *was* the game for you.  Also if you are an Army fan….

 Army West Point senior quarterback Ahmad Bradshaw’s 1-yard scoring dive with 5:10 to play, and the ensuing extra point, gave the Black Knights a 14-13 victory Saturday in Philadelphia. But the Mids didn’t go quietly: A missed 48-yard-field goal on the game’s final play spoiled a standout performance by quarterback Malcolm Perry and sent Navy to its second-straight rivalry-game loss.

At least it came down to the end:

Navy kicker Bennett Moehring, who’d hit from 28 and 24 yards already, was wide left and a bit short on his kick. The miss handed the Black Knights their first Commander in Chief’s trophy since 1996 and their first back-to-back rivalry wins since 1995-96.

Bradshaw ended up with 94 yards, while Perry had an astonishing 250.  

One of my colleagues at work was at the game, and as you can tell from the pictures, the snow probably didn’t help with the passing attack any.

I know one guy who was rooting for Navy, even as he prepares to beat the ‘fins tonight:

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