PBS presents: "VA: The Human Cost of War"

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PBS presents: "VA: The Human Cost of War"

Let me start with a slight warning, the video is fairly graphic, including deceased individuals and amputations.  It’s also not an easy watch for anyone with mental health issues.  So, please, go into this forewarned.

This history of the VA (largely starting with the wait line crisis, with fragmentary background before that) is not pretty, but it brings up the same concerns that have been brought up innumerable times at various Legion meetings from the local all the way to National level.  Some of the issues this documentary discusses include:

  • Affiliation of VA medical centers with medical teaching universities and the research and training of medical professionals.
  • The importance of research not only to veterans and the general public.
  • VA Choice legislation and implementation.
  • Expansion of eligibility for veterans Health Care by congress and the strain it caused on the medical care system.
  • The share of the blame that falls on the Congress, since they funded the expansion.
  • Inadequate funding to VA Health care.
  • And what will happen to veterans (with their unique medical care needs) if they are forced into medical care in the private sector.

These are all issues that have come up via resolutions and been looked at by our VAR division and the Legion as whole, both through the National Executive Committee and at our National Convention.

If you wonder what our position is on any given issue, I commend the Legion.org website with all of our resolutions to you. 

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