Shane Ladner criminal trial moves on

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Shane Ladner criminal trial moves on

A few weeks ago I wrote about Shane Ladner, and the case is going on this week and Atlanta's Fox5 (who were sued by Ladner and won) have been doing an outstanding job covering it.  To be honest, if my wife wasn't carrying twins, and unable to move well, I probably would have been down there covering the trial, and I wish I was.

The background is fairly simple.  Shane Ladner claimed he received a Purple Heart in Operation Just Cause, the invasion of Panama.  After service he got a job as a police officer, and started getting purple heart license plates.  A few years ago there was a wounded warrior type hunt in west Texas, and Shane and his wife Meg attended, based on his purple heart.  Tragically a train hit a parade float they were riding on, and Meg lost her leg.

That's when things got weird.  Turns out that Ladner was still in High School duyring Just Cause.   Then he changed is story to say that he was injured in Top Secret counter narcotics missions, although why they would take a 20 year old MP fresh out of basic training made no sense.

Because Shane lied on his police applications, and because he got the free license plates, he was charged with a host of charges.  The trial started this week, and I am including the 4 daily update videos from Fox5:

None of his arguments makes sense to me. Who doesn't remember a single battle buddy they served with? My Facebook has at least 100 dudes I served with.

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