Shane Ladner convicted of 6 of 7 charges

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Shane Ladner convicted of 6 of 7 charges

I've been covering this for a while now, and wrote about it earlier this week, but in case you missed that, here's a brief synopsis of the controversy:

The background is fairly simple.  Shane Ladner claimed he received a Purple Heart in Operation Just Cause, the invasion of Panama.  After service he got a job as a police officer, and started getting purple heart license plates.  A few years ago there was a wounded warrior type hunt in west Texas, and Shane and his wife Meg attended, based on his purple heart.  Tragically a train hit a parade float they were riding on, and Meg lost her leg.

That's when things got weird.  Turns out that Ladner was still in High School during Just Cause.   Then he changed is story to say that he was injured in Top Secret counter narcotics missions, although why they would take a 20 year old MP fresh out of basic training made no sense.

Because Shane lied on his police applications, and because he got the free license plates, he was charged with a host of charges.

Well, the verdict is now in, and it didn't go well for Shane:

If you are interested, you can watch the entire decision here, which is 30 minutes long and has them polling each juror. It's mostly interesting if you ever wondered how a court was actually run:

I'm glad it is over, and I am glad he was convicted.  Yes, it was a small amount of money, but it does send a message to others out there.  I wish Shane had just come clean, he's certainly had ample opportunity.  And I feel bad for his wife, because she lost her leg, and now will lose her husband for a while, all because he wanted to inflate his military career.  I can't fathom why people go to such lengths, but when they do, there has to be some justice that eventually catches up to them.  Looks like Shane's finally caught him.

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By claiming that he was a military veteran with a purple heart, he may very well have gotten his job as policeman over a more deserving candidate. His wife was where she was because of his false claim, and lost her leg as a result. Disgusting. I really don't know what to say about this, but it is nothing good.

Of course with the cancellation of the Stolen Valor Act, and other recent lunacy, liberals believe it's okay to "identify" as a war hero so if he feels he's a Purple Heart recipient he should be allowed to make the claim and can wear whatever ribbons, medals and badges he wishes as long as it makes him happy and feel safe.

What makes you think he"s "Liberal"? Conservatives don't pull shit like this? Your president, who got 5 deferments during Vietnam, said he always wanted one when some vet gave him his PH. He just didn't have the balls to get one of his own.

Before you make yourself look more like the jackass you already are, why not do some research on tat Purple Heart and President Trump? Or don't you like being proven wrong? As far as his deferments, b your logic every college males were draft dodgers. My uncle would have been considered a draft dodger by you because he was deferred because he was a farmer. My closest friend was deferred because of his eye sight...and he wasn't drafted, he TRIED to enlist. But again, according to your twisted, hateful logic, he, too was a 'draft dodger'. Thanks for the big laugh at your ignorance.
And, no, I wasn't a draft dodger, I was in Viet Nam for 2 tours...1966 & 1967.

I am glad to see you haven't lost your touch ole dude! Always get that spoon in there and you know I'll always help you stir!!!!

I just wonder how the award appeared on his DD214 in the first place. He couldn't have added it himself.

He didn't put it on his DD214. Unfortunately, most employers will not ask for proof of service, which is really a shame. Asking to see it, would have precluded a lot of this from ever happening. The military should check into him and see if he ever represented himself, in uniform wearing the Purple Heart ribbon, i.e. a picture of him in uniform and out in public or at a military function, if he had and is drawing any type of compensation from the military, they can penalize him. As for his wife, I feel real bad for her. She might want to consider seperation temporarily or permanently.

Roger, If you can find a old typewriter you can add on to the DD214. I have often wondered how awards I was given were never on my DD214. I have 2 Army Commendation awards on my wall but neither is listed on DD214. I often wonder if it was the Army was in such a hurry to get rid of us in 1969 when we came home. We landed at 8pm and had our new uniforms and papers and told to be off base by 8am the next morning.


When I got home from the Persian Gulf in 1991 I had no idea what I had earned as far as military awards. My DD214 listed only half of my awards. I found out about the rest from a fellow Marine from my unit at the Portland, OR VA hospital after separation from service. I wrote a letter to the Personnel Management Division of the Navy and Marine Corps to get an updated DD214 (then called a DD215) that showed all of my awards. You can now do all of this online now. You will need to provide as much information as possible about where you were, what unit you were serving with, etc. They did a great job for me and didn't miss a thing. Good luck!

Sorry, that reply was for Randall, not Roger!

My Purple Heart was not listed on my DD214. I sent to St Louis for an updated version which turns out to be a DD215. The DD215 deleted a couple of my awards on my DD214 and added back four awards, one of which was my Purple Heart and another the Army Commendation. I received 2 Unit Presidential Citations (I understand our unit was the only one to receive 2 in Nam, but I do not know for sure) and 2 more Vietnam Presidential Citations from the Republic of Vietnam which were not listed on either of the forms. I only found out about them during a Company B reunion where one of my Company Commanders presented the pins to men present at the reunion. They can be located online when searched by a unit. So, try to get a DD215 which is an update of your DD214 and you just might be able to see the awards you received.

If he lied about this....what police reports did he lie on

if not on dd214 get your records
straight with dd215. that what i
had to do to get the lebanon

I hate stolen valor frauds! Unfortunately the only reason he's being punished is because he lied to obtain the license plate. He lost his job as a policeman because he lied on his application. He's not being punished for falsely claiming a Purple Heart because the court says that is ok. Thanks for publicizing this! Glad at least one turd is getting flushed!

Purple Hearts are given for combat related injuries. The combat must be in a declared war . Covert operations against narcotics ops do not qualify. I think I 'm correct.

My father's purple heart for wounds suffered in Normandy is on his DD214 and my medals are listed on my DD214, no purple heart. I worked for local government which required a DD214 for individuals wanting Veteran preference on their application.I believe this individual will get minimal punishment considering this has ruined his life.

Actually the Stolen Valor Act of 2005 was deemed unconstitutional since anyone may call themselves anything they want including a war hero. Napoleon, Jesus, God or the King of WalwWala Land. The replacement Stolen Valor Act of 2013 makes it illegal to profit financially from false statements of military medals or heroic deeds. The false statements made, say in a bar, although unsavory, cause no financial harm. To use these statements for job acquisition or advancement or any other for profit motives may well either directly or indirectly financially harm a more deserving ex serviceman. These are the people who should be punished not someone who is full of BS.

Daniel - thank you for that analysis / clarification - I saw the comment made earlier and was not aware of the changes to the law:-)

Have no sympathy for this A*****e. But. My DD 214 does not have half the ribbons and awards I am authorized (Vietnam 19067-69) because they were awarded after the fact. I was home after my !2/1969 discharge before they were awarded. Still haven't received them and personally don't care. Nobody really gives a s**t anyway. Came home being called a baby killer (never killed one) and went about my business building a life. Sorry to rant.

one of my uncles earned one in WW2.but he came home in a box.

I was with 504th MP Batt. Vietnam 65-66, and shot out of a tower bunker, and evacuated to Okinawa, via 85th evac, Qui Nhon, to Siagon, the Phillipines (Clark AFB). After rehab at Army hospital Okinawa, I returned to 504th @ Qui Nhon. However, the Army lost most of my mil Med Records, that where finally (some were) found, which after locating my CO, at 92, Col. Gerke, who still remembers me, and incident, and by his recommendation finally receive my Purple Heart, 47+ yrs late. Nobody, tries to "Earn" a Purple Heart.....sometimes it just happens.
Today, my Ortho is a mess, rated 100%, But doing Tri-cycling through VA, and Hip Replacement Surgery on the horizon ....Proud to have Served
"Many are called, Few are Chosen"

I was brought up to not shame my family and I also instilled that into my children. I think we should give him a field jacket, 50 cal. and sit him in a fox hole for 6 months in the middle east after completing basic training so he doesn't shoot himself or any other friendly fire. He owes his wife that!!!!!

I don't pitty or feel horror over anyone lying about earning one or more---he at least put time in service--unlike my bro--in law--who --accepted all the thanks and pats for serving --and never wore the uniform--and did his best to escape service--that's despicable.
It's an ego trip for some guys to lie about being in combat--I have seen those who served in combat--it is not a John wayne movie--I'm happy our people are clamping down on those who wear or say they earned medals to boost their image--people in politics should be kicked out of office and escorted out by real medal earners

I served in Viet Nam 67-68-69 and seen too many phonies accept the Purple Heart for injuries received for stubbing their toes running into bunkers. I flew 381 missions in a Marine Corps helicopter during TET 68 and after many missions during the siege at Khe Sanh I carried too many REAL PH earners to even think of wearing one. Look on The Wall and see where most of those guys only awards were The Purple heart and check out the VA hospitals and see who really earned them. This is a sacred award meant for those whose life was effected in a big way. I believe in wearing every award you earned but if I catch you being a pretend warrior you will definitely earn your phony PH. Semper Fi and Good Night Chesty wherever you are

Yes 215 not 214. I was discharged in 1969. When I was filling out a job application there was a section for awards. That's when I realized my DFC and Bronze Star were not listed on my DD214. I contacted the agency in St Louis about that and was told the awards came in late and are on a DD215 which must be like a page 2. I asked for a new DD214 that would include the awards and was nicely told a DD215 was proper. So My 214 does not list my two highest awards.

Perhaps this has happened to others who assume the award wasn't registered.

It looks like there is a lot more suffering and harm caused than a simple purple heart lie, including the loss of his wife's leg.

I had to show my DD214 and pay an extra $25 to get my purple heart plate.Now my plate has lost some of it's color so if I want a new plate it's another $25.Our greedy Democratic Legislature doesn't recognize our military people.I live in Maryland.

I received my Welcome by Uncle Sam in 1970 but had it deferred because my wife was dying of cancer.
We were married December 7, 1970, i buried my wife December 18, 1972.
My wife asked me what i would do when she was gone, i told her first I'd get drunk for awhile and then i would enlist in the Navy to honor my grandfather and my country.
That's exactly what i did.
I was discharged early with an Honorable. But it always felt i needed to do more.
After a lot of years of physical and therapy i began to look at the veterans around me up at the VA Hospital and decided to become a volunteer.
l also became a DAV Service Officer which allowed me to help veteran's with their claims.
For two years i served at the DAV Volunteer Transportation office and set up appointments for veteran pickups so they can make there Dr appointments.
Then i served for six years at the DAV Coffee Cart.
The point of my story is that i have seen the Hero's of our country every day for all those years and with pride and humility, it was an honor to serve them anyway i could.
What i saw while volunteering at the hospital i truly believe with all my heart that anyone that lie's about such Honors should have a severe prison sentence, far to many servicemen have paid the ultimate price. And many of them have not been recognized.
May God have mercy on all of those that have "Stolen Valor"!

(Decorated Veteran USMC & Army (1954-1965)
Five Marines or Army soldiers on a mission behind enemy lines. One steps on a land mine or trip wire. That individual killed, 2 men catches light shrapnel, Three purple heart awards. Does that make them better soldiers deserving higher recognition than the other two who were not wounded. The same risk was there for all five. Now compare that to a deliberate act of bravery worthy of the Commendation Medal With V, Bronze or Silver Stars, DSC, DFC, or MOH, in conjuction with a purple heart. Those are the ones who get my extra respect as opposed to the the purple hearts that were given to one, who was ordered to duck, but looked up anyway and caught a bullet in the shoulder. I knew guys who cut their fingers opening a C-ration can in a combat zone, that got the purple heart and a 10% disability payment for life upon discharge....

Oh Yes, don't forget those in all conflicts, who used self-inflicted wounds to get themselves a purple heart. A ticket out of a combat zone to safety back home with their families. Personally I do not know Lander, but thank him for his military service. I do believe he has been punished enough as it stands, and should not be jailed. Are we forgetting that all of us veterans already served "DID TIME" endured a period of confined life away from our family and love ones in service to our country. Some of that time was even worse than being confined under the current conditions inmates now serve in our civilian prisons..:-) If he is to be further punished, then leave the military aspects out of it, and punish him only as it relates to his violation of civilian law.

it puts a bad lite on the men and women who have served and paid the ultimate sacrifice
I served and was honorably discharged , I was in the service from 59 to 65 and have never been so ashamed of a person doing that , good for the justice system ...

Servicemen didn't need to serve in country to be a Vietnam vet. The Vietnam war extended beyond the borders of Vietnam. A lot of lives were saved because of the Air Force bases in Thailand. My base was the closest air base to North Vietnam and Hanoi. 1970-1971.

Don Paul, you are absolutely correct. In addition to the significant support bases such as Utapao provided to American Forces in Vietnam, these bases were also home to a lot of black ops that "never happened" in countries near Vietnam.

While I am glad that he was exposed for his lie and the penalty he received , I feel sorry that his wife lost her leg, but I wonder why the people that represent us as elected officals who do the same thing are not punished but the courts say it is their first admendments rights to say this. Seems like a double standard to me.

I was a Marine and served "in country" from 9/69 to 9/70. It was my understanding then as well as now, you had to be an active participant in the war, even though you may have never set foot "in country". Such as Navy types on carriers or boats off shore that provided fire support. Air force that flew out of Guam or Ti land. I had a friend that served on Guam on a submarine tender and he was not eligible to ware the Viet Nam service or campaign ribbons. Am I wrong?

What this guy did was disresectful to all who served or who are serving this country now. No matter who we are or what we do there will always be this kind of human excrement willing to take something that is not theirs. Politics dosen't play into this as it comes from all kinds. For those who fought for it, freedom has a certain flavor that the sheltered will never know.

Honorably discharged, from the Marines, Mar 5 1956 and again in 1962. My DD-214 only covered the second service time period. On the back or my discharge, for the first period of service, is the record of my service, as was done in WWII

As a Marine Vietnam Vet, twice wounded, I say it's time to let the guy try to move on. I get the bitterness. My company E 2/7 lost 89 great men. Hundreds more wounded. There were 2.4 million men with boots on the ground, only 10% of those were in actual combat. Now some 13 million claim to be Vietnam Vets. People ask me if I've ever thought about going back to Vietnam, my response is always I was there last night. We know who we are and we know the phonies after a few minutes.

Let this guy try to salvage something out of his life, we all need a shot a redemption.

Semper Fi. Was there in 67-68 in Phu Bai, & Quang Tri with 3/12. Was never wounded but had others in my unit that weren't so lucky. I was 18 years old while I was there and at the time I could give a shit about Charles and his family or relatives but now at 68, I do shed some tears for all those souls and ours that never made it home. I never have wanted to go back and wouldn't because I live for today, not yesterday, but you are right about the BS of so many that have claimed to have been there. I agree with you about letting this guy go on with his life. It sucks to be him and I'm sure that he wishes that he had never made that claim. Some of my old hunting partners were with 2/4 and we all have our stories and I'm sure that we all spread it a little heavier than reality. That's what makes it so interesting. If we all told it like it actually was, - no one would want to listen. Pretty boring for long periods and pure terror for other times. I wish you well, my Friend.

I'm a 30-year veteran/ Army retiree. Because of the work I did in the Army and "chance", I was never one of those 10% or so who were in actual combat. As a rough guide, we said in the Army that for every person in actual combat there were about 19 other personnel supporting that person in one way or another, so there are many different ways to serve. Coming from a combat Marine Vietnam Vet, your words, "Let this guy try to salvage something out of his life, we all need a shot at redemption," are incredibly kind, especially considering what this man did. I commend you for your willingness to not let the bitterness continue to control you. Not everyone has this sense of mercy. May God continue to bless you.

Tom, thank you for your service. Did you note he has had many occasions when he could have said sorry, I lied! He won't. He just keeps making his lies bigger. Hope he doesn't just get a slap on the wrist! Because of his lies, his wife is impaired! People are now saying she's just as guilty, and he still holds onto to his lies. He cares for no one but himself. He needs time to re think his life in prison.

I was one of three Military Police Battalion Commanders in Panama during operation Just Cause. I remember two Military Policemen being wounded and one MP killed during the combat operation. MP's were on the front line for all of Just Cause and afterward. These men and women served with distinction. Ladner was not there, and his false claim sullies the courage of those who were. He is an insult to those who earned that sacred of all awards, the Purple Heart. He deserves all he gets for his gutless lies. Every policeman's word is his bond. This guy should never be a police officer again, anywhere. He's not worth the mud on an MP's boots. Thank you for exposing him.

A National GAURDS Unit Out Of Sebeka Minnesota was mobilized
And went to the middle east. A Solder drunk messing around in his tank bumped his head. His Commander fully aware of the details of
The details wrote him up and he received P purple Heart.

Yep, that old typewriter can type just about anything on a DD-214! We have Soldier and Sailor funds disbursed at the County levels here in Washington state... and I've seen a few DD-214's with "add-ons".

This comment goes to all of the Vets who have commented about Shane and what he has done to claim to have been wounded to receive a most distinguished award as the PURPLE HEART and blately lie about it. Is beyond anything and any punishment that the law allows, even what we as veterans can come with is not legal. Some of you stated that he has to live with his pain for what his wife has to live with, the lose of her limb I agree it's going to be a daily reminder of what he has done to her but I don't think he going to do anything to him because he is beyond that now. I was a Marine and still am in mind and spririt while serving in Vet Nam I was "wounded" several times but refused all attempts at "awarding" me 5 Purple Heart even at risk of an Article 15 to a Court Martial. Because I refused all but one the four were non since wounds simple cuts from elephant grass, concussion from a ammo can on my pack, just be cause they cut me and I bled There guys getting it far worse. But to hear some one or several people trying to build them selves up by trying to act like they had been there just makes my skin crawl and creeps me out. And to Mr. Gianini I agree sir.

My whole family served as did I for four years. My uncle (mother's brother)
was wounded nine times in WW11 and his highest award was a silver star.
No fanfare, just a discharge, come hope and go to work and raise a family.
Most of his medals he received came 50 years later................

My father served in the Army Air Corps in WWII. I served in the USAF during Vietnam. My son is 1 1/2 years away from retiring from the USAF. My grandson has just enlisted in the USAF. We have a family tradition of serving this country and by god we always will. Never got any 'awards' but did my job everyday to the absolute best of my ability.

These LAIRS should be given time in Levenworth so he can see what happens to those that fabricate and enhance their military service records for personal gain. His wife will have to suffer because of his dishonesty and lying.

Is there a way to "double check some of our current BS'rs to verify who they really are? I don't have a Purple Heart, but I can honestly say as a Corpsman, I took care of hundreds God Bless all of you

Is there a way to "double check some of our current BS'rs to verify who they really are? I don't have a Purple Heart, but I can honestly say as a Corpsman, I took care of hundreds God Bless all of you

I got my draft notice, but I wanted to go to the Army helicopter repairman school so I enlisted. After I completed the school in Virginia, I was sent to Germany for about six months. Both going and coming back I rode on a Army ship. I was stationed in Fort Hood Texas and learned to drive the Army's eighteen wheeler. The next two duty stations in Fort Benning, Georgia and Fort Bragg, North Carolina, I drove a deuce and a half. And on occasion I drove the five ton tractor and a forty foot trailer. I never had to go to Vietnam but several times I came close to going. In Georgia driving the truck I was hauling over seas containers to the rail yard to put them on flat cars. So I was contributing to the war effort. In spite of driving a truck but with an MOS of helicopter repairman, MOS 67Q-20 and 67N-20, I still got my rank to E-5. Specialist Five. And I was put in charge of a platoon a few times to go on a work detail with me driving the Duece and a half. I smiled a few times here I go and I enlist for that aircraft(helicopter)school and then they make me into a truck driver and I didn't go to school for that. But after three years, I got my honorable discharge.

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