CNN's Jake Tapper interviews VA Secretary

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CNN's Jake Tapper interviews VA Secretary

First a bit of a disclaimer......for some reason a lot of people on the right don't like Tapper.  Frankly, I don't exactly know why.  What I will say is that he's a huge supporter of vets and the military, and on top of that, he's one of the nicest guys ever.  About 6 years ago I was sitting in my office when out of the blue Jake called me and told me he was writing a book about COP Keating, and he wanted my help interpreting some transmissions.  For instance, he had transcripts that said stuff like:

TIC VIC FG67551356 need hero flight.  CAS on station, wire breached,

Now, to a civilian (Jake never served) none of that really makes sense.  So for Jake to write a book was huge, because he didn't know what that stuff meant.  I explained that "TIC" meant troops in contact, that VIC was vicinity and the grid reference, and hero flights meant we had KIA on the battlefield.  He was engaging, friendly, not the slightest bit pretentious, and if you follow him on Twitter, guy has an amazing sense of humor.

So I am biased.  Nonetheless, this being a slow news day, this is the best interview I saw today:

If you get a chance, read his book "The Outpost" which is about the battle of COP Keating, which resulted in the highest number of awards for valor of any battle in Afghanistan.

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The movie the Promise 1915 extermination of 1.5 million Armenian Christians how come Fox Or Cnn is not talking about that or the 500 kids in 2017 missing in WAshington DC do we have free journalism?

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