100th Anniversary of World War I

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100th Anniversary of World War I

Obviously last week marked the 100th anniversary of the US involvement in World War One, and of the ceremonies, this was the largest:


From BBC comes a discussion of the final moments before we entered:

On 2 April Wilson found himself before a joint session of Congress. With a profound sense of the solemn and tragic step he was taking, he said, Congress should declare German actions to be nothing less than war against the government and people of the United States.

Armed neutrality had been ineffectual. It had proved impracticable in defending shipping against attack from "outlaw" German submarines. "We have no quarrel with the German people. We have no feeling towards them but one of sympathy and friendship," he said. But, "the world must be made safe for democracy".

Two days later the Senate voted in favour of Wilson's resolution, and two after that it was endorsed by the House of Representatives. Later that same day, 6 April 1917, the President signed his official declaration. America was at war. 

A buddy of mine, Doug Sterner, spent the weekend doing his own presentation on World War One (I think in Pueblo, CO) and was Facebooking interesting things.  I made the mistake of reading some of it yesterday while watching the Masters, and then got so wound up in it I missed basically the entire front nine as I researched Pilots, like Frank Luke, who Doug believes was the best pilot of WWI:


I also ended up reading about Quentin Roosevelt for a while, more on him tomorrow.

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