Shane Ladner goes to court for Stolen Valor

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Shane Ladner goes to court for Stolen Valor

A while back the story of Shane Ladner came to our attention.  It’s a tragic story, but it’s also one full of lies.

Ladner claimed over the years that he had served as an MP in Operation Just Cause in Panama, where he received a Purple Heart.  Later he would be hired as a police officer in Georgia.  In November of 2012 Lander signed up for a free hunt in west Texas, and he and his wife headed out there for the event.  The town of Midland, Texas held a parade to honor the wounded troops, and somehow one of the floats was struck by a train.   Ladner’s wife, Meg, tragically lost her leg in this accident.

It was at this point people started questioning Shane’s military record, noting that while he was claiming to be fighting (and being wounded) in Panama he was actually still in High School.  Ladner next claimed that his actual injury occurred in a battle while doing secret drug interdiction missions.  A local Fox affiliate in Atlanta picked up the story and started going after Ladner.  But Ladner just changed his story and stuck to the overall theme.  In fact, his lawyer started even rocking the new story:

The discrepancy about when and where Shane’s injuries occurred has led to questions about the validity of Shane’s Purple Heart. This has been complicated by the fact that the Army records in St. Louis are apparently incomplete, and did not contain the DD 214 issued by Ft. Benning which does reflect the Purple Heart. We have requested Shane Ladner’s service records from Ft. Benning, Georgia where the Purple Heart award should be found in their base records. We have also requested Shane’s medical records from the hospital in Panama where he was treated following the grenade attack.

Eventually Ladner would sue Fox 5 and their reporter, Randy Travis for Defamation.  The case was thrown out.  You can READ THAT BY CLICKING HERE.

In the meantime, the police department fired Ladner, and he was charged with various felonies for receiving plates for a reduced rate.  Well, now we are getting closer to the case, and the prosecution has brought in the General who was in charge of all operations in the area, and according to him, it never happened.  Not to Shane Ladner or anyone else under his command:

I had hoped to travel down for the case, because we've been following Ladner since the minute the qyestions surfaced.  I'm VERY eager to hear what evidence the lawyer has.  One thing we do know is that Ladner has been using the following DD214, and there is no record ANYWHERE of its existence, except this one, leading most people to believe it is a complete fake:

I don't see how this works out well for him, but I also don't see why anyone would push this to the point it is at when they have what they know is a fake DD214. Jonn Lilyea matched it against the NGB22 (the National Guard's version of a DD214) and unsurprisingly, there is no record of the purple heart.

Every now and again when I publish these stories someone comes on and argues that none of it matters and no one is injured by these lies.  But this guy got his law enforcement job SPECIFICALLY because of his purported experience in the military.

But I don't buy the "no damage" theory anyway.  I know I've shared it before, but I'm sharing it again, a video by my friend Ed Caffrey tgat discusses why it is we do what we do, despite the lawsuits, the death threats and just the general difficulty we have dealing with these people who clearly have mental problems.   

Remember too what The American Legion stands for, directly from our Preamble:


...To preserve the memories and incidents of our associations in the Great Wars

Part of preserving the memories and instances is pointing out what fake memories and instances are being inserted into the record.

Just an FYI, but there is some Not Safe For Work language in here.  It's minimal, but did want to warn you.

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Im not a vet, my father and brother are, the whole no one gets hurt, I had to spend many of my young childhood years only being able to write to my big brother and hope to get a letter back soon. So yes there is damage done let along getting a job based on military preference, reduced prices for some
things, is there damage if you print out a fake college transcript and start teaching without the proper training? Just because someone doesn't see the hurt or damage does it mean that it didn't happen? That setence about commenters stating that really hit a nerve with me. Sorry lol

Fakes also implicate their families as they share false stories with them unwittingly committing them to believe in them. These false claims denigrate the men and women who have served our country. Very shameful and wrong!

I've encountered two fakers. One told me he'd served in the marines and had received a battlefield promotion to colonel (he appeared to be about 25 years old) followed by a medical discharge. (Maybe due to a psych eval?) I told him that he'd better not tell that story to REAL marines or they'd clean his clock.

The other was a (legitimate) Air Force retiree who claimed to have been a pilot. Turned out he'd been a flight instructor at an aero club, but was using this line on the women at the company we worked for.

Yes, it's rude to accuse someone of lying. But you CAN keep asking them question after question that only a real military member would know the answer to, so that they can reveal their ignorance. Those overhearing the conversation can then draw their own conclusions.

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