Dave & Busters and The American Legion Riders

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Dave & Busters and The American Legion Riders

I've been on travel, and meant to blog this when it first went down:

A Dave and Buster's in Michigan is under fire for asking a customer to remove his American Legion Riders motorcycle vest because it was against the company's dress code.

The Syracuse Dave and Buster's at Destiny USA mall has the same company dress code as the Michigan restaurant.

Victor Murdock, the assistant director of American Legion Post 179's "Riders" chapter in Michigan, told MLive that he's never been accused of being in a gang, but that's how he was treated at the restaurant/arcade on Saturday night.

Murdock told MLive that the Dave & Buster's General Manager Josh Leibowitz confronted his group, which included Murdock's wife and another member of the Riders, when they arrived. Murdock said he was first asked to take off his beanie cap, which he agreed to do.

"Then I turned to my right, and the manager was standing right there," Murdock told the news website. "He placed his hand on my chest and said, 'You're not coming in here.' He basically explained to me their company policy and said I can thank Chicago for this -- whatever that means -- that anything gang-related you can't wear there."

Now, the D&B is of course able to set whatever standard they want for admittance, provided it doesn't violate any laws, which banning people wearing vests does not.  But that doesn't make the policy any wiser of course.  Luckily, Dave & Busters had an epiphany and is now working to correct this problem:

Good on Dave and Busters for moving so fast on this.  Again, I think they are within their rights to do what they did initially, but it's a better idea for them as a company to reach out like they've done here.

Both D&B and the Legion Post had good statements on this issue too:

Ed Forler, Vice President of Operations for Dave & Buster’s, added, “We sincerely apologize if our actions offended members of the American Legion family, active military members, or veterans. Our legion partners have provided valuable feedback that will help us maintain a fun, inclusive environment in which everyone, especially members of the military/veterans, has a great experience. D&B continues to be a strong supporter of the American Legion along with our veterans and military members.”

“Dave & Buster’s is addressing our concerns with its dress code policies and has demonstrated respect for our members and our mission. We look forward to working with them in the future,” stated Mark Sutton, public relations director for the American Legion Department of Michigan.

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I have no issue at all with D&B declining to serve anyone wearing "Colors." even patriotic organizations. I'm confident that they will continue in business with only the support of the liberal PC crowd, and I hope they have no issue with me never stepping inside one of their establishments ever again.

First, American Legionnis not a gang.
Second manager battered the man by placing his hand against his chest, a civil and criminal act.
If the jacket said Dave and Busters and had a an eagle on it Wallis that make it gang attire?
Just because it is a rule does not make it right. How about a cross with in god we trust patch, is that a gang?
I'd like to see their default notion of gang attire and how Chicago is to blame for a dress code.
How about a Harley Davidson $400 leather stylish jacket? We don't need managers trying to apply rules, Americanis or n neednofnleaders, yes even at D&B. To many snowflakes

I live within walking distance of a Dave & Busters. After reading this lame-brained story, I will take my grandkids to nearby Fat Cats rather than patronize D & B.

A couple of respondents (above) said that perhaps the managers of that D&B weren't familiar with the Riders affiliation. BS!!! How difficult is it to READ WHAT IT SAYS ON THE VESTS??? "AMERICAN LEGION RIDERS"

Also, the manager stated they can "thank Chicago for this...that anything "GANG RELATED", you can't wear there". Do any of the guys who said we should look at it from D&B's perspective REALLY believe they didn't realize this was an American Legion veterans' group? The one manager even stated that nothing "gang related could be worn there". "GANG RELATED"!!! He knew exactly who these guys were representing, and just chose to be a smart ass about "the rule". He knew damn well this was no "gang"...and he fully understood the intent of "the rule.

You can be sure these two managers, like just about all automobile drivers, drive over the speed limit, and make rolling stops at "STOP" signs. Aren't they "rules". Of course they are, and these two bozos know the INTENT of those rules...so don't believe for one minute that they didn't know damn well that this most certainly was NOT a motorcycle "GANG". They were being jerks, and abusing their authority...PERIOD!

Rolling stops and speeding are a poor analogy to what appears to have happened at D & B. Assuming that the Legion Riders were not behaving poorly their expulsion from the establishment is in fact absurd.
The proper course of action is to take the complaint to Corporate at D&B. Lacking an appropriate response from corporate I would suggest never patronizing the restaurant again. I have heard that a more absurd incident occurred at D&B where in they tried to eject on duty law enforcement for carrying firearms which are also prohibited in the establishment.

I wear my Vet colors in Hooters and am always welcomed! Except for the rude staff at the Hollywood, CA store, all the other ones I've visited have been more than accommodating!

Maybe if D&B hired managers who could read English the issue never would have happened. It's clear in the photo that the patch says American Legion, not Hell's Angles. Would they ban the law enforcement MC Blue Knights too?

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