Thieves steal purple heart, thankfully caught and arrested

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Thieves steal purple heart, thankfully caught and arrested

I saw this last week and didn't get a chance to blog it, and now it's come full circle.  But let's start with the original story, and a video from then:

The words don't come easy for Mike Pomeroy when he talks about his medals of valor, including a Purple Heart.

Medals that were securely hidden away in a briefcase for decades, are now gone.

On Sunday during the Oroville Dam spillway emergency, Pomeroy and his wife were evacuated from their Yuba City, California home. A thief broke in and stole the medals.

"Hasn't been opened hardly in 50 years. They've never seen it," Pomeroy said before breaking down. "It's not something you talk about. One day, you'd be able to tell them, but... "

Pomeroy earned the medals after risking his life as an Army medic during the Vietnam War.

And the video:

Well, good news from Task and Purpose:

Vietnam veteran Mike Pomeroy thought his Purple Heart was gone forever after burglars took it when he evacuated his home last week due to the emergency at Oroville Dam.

On Sunday, Yuba City police found and returned his medals. They also arrested two women and a man in connection with the burglary.

 β€œIt felt like a Christmas present,” Pomeroy said from his home Monday. β€œA very special Christmas present. My wife and I were just really elated.”


Yuba City police announced the arrests of three people in connection with the case in a Facebook post on Sunday but gave few other details, including the names of those arrested. A police spokesperson was unavailable for comment Monday morning.

Oh man would I love to be on that jury.

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