Progress in Mosul slows down, as street fighting intensifies

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Progress in Mosul slows down, as street fighting intensifies

This was as anticipated, but the good news is that progress is still being made.  Here's a slew of reports..


Iraqi security and coalition forces have killed 97 ISIS militants in eastern and southern Mosul on Sunday, Iraq's Joint Military Command said, as the group continues to defend its Iraqi bastion with suicide attacks and artillery.

The militants were killed in three separate incidents, the Iraqi military said in a statement. 

In one incident, ISIS fighters tried to advance near a federal police position, south of Mosul, before Iraqi forces detonated two vehicle-borne IEDs and killed 21 "terrorists", the military said.

In a second incident, the military said it killed 51 ISIS fighters and injured a number of others after the militant group -- using vehicle-borne IEDs and suicide bombers -- tried to launch attacks on Iraqi military positions in the neighborhoods of Intisar, al Salam and al Shaimaa' in southeastern Mosul.  

The general commanding coalition forces in Iraq predicts it will take two years of hard work to clear the so-called Islamic State from its twin capitals of Mosul and Raqqa, and then to burn out the remnants that will likely flee to the vast empty desert between Syria and Iraq. 

In a Christmas Day sit-down with The Daily Beast at his headquarters, Lt. Gen. Stephen Townsend would not put specific timelines on the battle. But he mapped out a grinding campaign that he thinks is going slowly but as well as can be expected, considering how much time ISIS had to prepare and how brutal its fighters are willing to be. 

“A fighter walking out of a building will hold a child over his head so we can see him through ISR until he reaches another building,” he said, using the military acronym for intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance.

Some pretty videos coming out from various forms:

60 Minutes did a piece on it too, and we don't have their video up yet, but we have someone else's copy of it:


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