Boys Nation Alum gives speech that America should listen to

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Boys Nation Alum gives speech that America should listen to

I don't often watch the news, in fact, I watch it as little as humanly possible, if only because usually the internet is a day ahead of the news covering stuff.  And I watch even less in the week up to, and now the week following an election.  Not because I don't care, but because no matter who wins, half the people are predicting some calamity from which the nation will never recover, and the other half are generally so wound up about what they think is going to happen that it goes beyond what I consider plausible in a Constitutional Republic that has a legislative branch that is so closely divided.

What I've seen though is people marching through the streets and signing petitions to throw out the election.  Of course, the First Amendment gives them that right.  Whether it's a productive use of ones time is however highly debateable.  In looking at the election results though, it was pretty clear that the older one got, the more likely that individual was to vote for the Republican candidate.  So even those who won seem to still be afraid of what the younger generation will do when they take up the mantle of leadership.

I'm solidly middle aged.  Sure, I like to go to bed at 8 pm, and find it hard to believe others don't, but I also tend to spend my time with active duty military folks, and they clearly ascribe to the "we can sleep when we're dead" philosophy.  But I have one advantage, and that is that I am a volunteer each year at Boys State (this year in both MN and VA) and have been to three Boys Nations.  And I see these young men, how they behave, how seriously they take things, and I see a maturity that no rational person would have seen in me when I was 17.  (Or perhaps even 35.)  And so those weeks I spend with these young men, these future business leaders, warriors, lawyers, doctors and politicians make me know that we (the United States) aren't going away any time soon.  Ronald Reagan called it a shining city on a hill.  Well, I believe that in the future it will shine just as brightly.

I bring this all up as a forward to a speech given by a young man who attended Connecticut Boys State and then was selected above his peers to attend Boys Nation this past summer.  And even in the top 1 percent of the 1 percent, he managed to get elected Senate President Pro Tempore, a job that comes with a lot of responsibilities for a young man.  And I watched him handle it with dignity, and class.

Now, there were disagreements at Boys Nation among some of the Senators.  In fact, the Presidential Debate for Boys Nation made our most recent Presidential Debates look like a tea party.  But at the end of the day, they hugged, they forgave each other, and they all came together.   

If you are worried about the state of our society, and fear that the next generation will drop the ball, then take comfort in this speech by Aaron Jaffe this Veterans Day.  And know that he's not alone.  Any of the other 97 boys at Boys Nation, or the other 20,000 who attended Boys State would probably echo his remarks, although argueably not as expertly.

So please watch this short speech:

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