Battle for Mosul lumbers on, could take months

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Battle for Mosul lumbers on, could take months

Somewhat expectedly and understandably, Americans are consumed with the recent election, and wondering what it means for the next 4-8 years.  Troops fighting in Mosul are thinking more short term, where will my next meal come from, can we get more ammo, too bad we don't have more air support.....

My friend and fellow Legionnaire, LTC Ollie North with Fox News (his son was my Machine Gunner in the 29th Infantry Division) is outside Mosul, and is saying that this could be a long fight:

The Iraqi Army, attacking from the south and the east (as the Kurdish Peshmerga attack from the north) seem to be making better progress than they were a week ago.

So, we chug along.  Of course the big unknown is exactly what President Elect Trump intends to do about the area.  He's been somewhat quiet, under the engaging theory that he doesn't want the enemy to know what he intends.  That doesn't seem unreasonable, it just leaves some wondering going on.  

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Thank you.boys nation gives me hope for this nation.god bless you.

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