The Boston police shooter's fictional military history

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The Boston police shooter's fictional military history

Remember a few weeks ago when I noted how every time there is a shooting the media immediately leaps to that persons military service?  (Link to that story here.)

Welp, here we go again.

The Boston Globe discusses the shooting first:

Boston police officer Matthew Morris is recovering well from his Saturday morning surgery after a firefight Wednesday night in East Boston left him and another officer in critical condition.

Officer Richard Cintolo and Morris were shot inside 136 Gladstone St. in the Orient Heights neighborhood by 33-year-old Kirk P. Figueroa. Both are in Massachusetts General Hospital.

Boston police said Saturday that the two officers remain in critical but stable condition.

And then shortly later, the Boston Herald started looking at Figueroa:

The body-armor-clad East Boston man gunned down after police said he opened fire on cops at his apartment had a history replete with multiple aliases, criminal charges and accusations of violence, according to a raft of court records and other public documents.

Kirk Figueroa, the 33-year-old man killed in a frenetic Wednesday night firefight, left a paper trail that spanned the East Coast and describes him, in part, as an ex-Army Reservist well-versed in handling guns and private 

But the New York-born Figueroa, who was listed as the founder of a company called Code Blue Protection Corp., also had a troubled past, including a 2010 arson conviction in Georgia. He was charged with setting his own car ablaze in an apparent bid to collect insurance, though the conviction was later wiped from his record.

Note the bolded portion.  Army veteran with guns, no doubt learned through his extensive military history and repeated deployments....

Oh, wait.

A Boston man who was killed Wednesday evening in a shootout that left two police officers in critical condition claimed on his website that he served eight years as an Army Reserve military police soldier, but he never even attended basic training, Army Times has learned...

Figueroa, founder of Code Blue Protection Corp., claimed on his company's website,, he served nearly a decade as an MP, but he served a mere five months, according to an Army spokesman.

"Mr. Figueroa never attended basic training or advanced individual training. He did enlist in the U.S. Army Reserve in February 2003, but received a hardship discharge five months later," Wayne Hall said in a statement. 

And there you have it, the crazed veteran meme again, even though the guy never even reported to basic training.

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