Gitmo grad Abu Wa’el Dhiab is not happy in Uruguay

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Gitmo grad Abu Wa’el Dhiab is not happy in Uruguay

Fairly slow news day, but my friend Jonn Lilyea wrote a good piece that he graciously is letting me use, since I have nothing to add that he hasn't already written in here.

Former Guantanamo detainee, Jihad Ahmed Mustafa Diyab AKA Abu Wa’el Dhiab staged a hunger strike when he was in the detainee camp. Medical officials were concerned that he would die of starvation, so he was sent to Uruguay two years ago with a couple of other fellow detainees. He absconded from Uruguay earlier this year and before he was found in Venezuela this month, international police were worried he’d turn up at the Olympics with bomber’s vest.

The Venezuelans sent him back to Uruguay and since it worked the first time for him, he’s threatening another hunger strike if we don’t let him leave Uruguay, according to the Washington Post;

[Christian] Mirza has acted as the Uruguayan government’s liaison with Dhiab and five other former Guantanamo detainees who were resettled here and said Dhiab told him of his plans to launch a hunger strike.


The Uruguayan government has provided social services and financial support. But the men have struggled to adjust, and complained about not getting enough help from Uruguayan officials.

Dhiab, who suffers health problems related to his hunger strikes and forced feedings while in captivity, has been the most vocal about his unhappiness. Shortly after arriving in Uruguay, he called a press conference to complain that the government needed a better resettlement plan.

Yeah, well, we can always put him back in Guantanamo if he doesn’t like Uruguay. He claims that he wants to go home – his home is Syria where he’s been tried in absentia and sentenced to death, so I’m guessing that he’s referring to somewhere else besides his actual home. Somewhere else he can pick up being an international thug where he left off.

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If Dhiab wants to starve himself to death I say go for it ( no great loss :) I say go for it that's more food for his cellmate. :)

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