Two more phonies sentenced...

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Two more phonies sentenced...

Hate to make an entire week of Stolen Valor since it gets monotonous, but I follow the stories, and they're flowing well right now.  Maybe we've hit a critical mass on busting these guys?

First, from Iowa:

A Vietnam War veteran from Davenport who admitted that he purchased numerous military awards without authorization was sentenced Tuesday to five years of probation and a $5,000 fine.

“I’m sorry for my part in all this,” Robert E. Brooks Jr. said in a short statement in U.S. District Court, Davenport. 

Brooks, 70, said he "didn't mean to harm" other veterans or other veterans before Judge Stephanie Rose handed down the sentence. 

Per the plea agreement, prosecutors agreed to recommend a sentence of no more than five years' probation. 

His apology is just dripping with sincerity isn't it?

He was discharged from the Navy under “other than honorable conditions,” according to the release.

Sometime between 1971-74 and during his service in the Reserves, Brooks compiled a list of awards and decorations he thought he deserved but had not validly been awarded, according to release.

Brooks “knowingly” provided the list to another person and the information was falsely added to his official military file, according to the release.

Brooks falsely reported that he earned a Silver Star medal with two oak leaf clusters, a Purple Heart with four oak leaf clusters, and a Combat Infantry Badge, among other awards and decorations, according to the release.

FBI agents who searched Brooks’ home on Oct. 15 seized around 20 awards and decorations, including the Silver Star and Purple Heart, without proper support, approval and authorization.

Well, okay, probation seems light, but I'll take any win we can get. We did better in Texas:

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I guess I can take credit for keeping any VCs from attacking Dubuque, Iowa during my 6 years in the US Army Reserves. That makes as much sense! The only difference is I am not lying.
John Hinz
US Army Reserves 1966 - 1972
Construction Engineers
Dubuque, Iowa

As a heads up John, we reservists (Army Armor - 65 to 71) have to be careful in that to the Government we are not considered veterans. I don't know if there is a penalty for claiming that distinction, just saying..............

The Legion is kind enough to claim me so that's good enough for me. I pay my dues yearly.

It is Stolen Valor when you use, buy, display, awards YOU are not authorized and then claim them as your own.

I feel that I should have gotten a purple heart medal when I got medavac from Vietnam to camp suma hospital in Japan, I do not know why, maybe because I was not in combat. But I would not buy one.

If awards and medals were not noted on a DD214 at Discharge, veterans of the Army can contact the Army Human Resources Command, Awards and Decorations Division as to update their DD214 with a corrected DD215. As a Veteran of Desert Storm, my DD214 did not note the Kuwait Liberation Medal (Kuwait) , Kuwait Liberation Medal (Saudi Arabia) or the Armed Forces Reserve Medals with Mobilization Device. They awarded the medals and issued a DD215, after 25 years. There are also veterans who may have earned unit awards, and medals which were not noted on their discharge form. If you were injured while engaging the enemy, or by friendly forces while engaging the enemy, you would qualify. Request a review toward all appropriate awards, and describe the circumstances of your injury. They will respond by letter, and you can also call them. The Navy and Air Force should have a similar command.

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