Darryl Lee Wright's imaginary wars and actual felonies

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Darryl Lee Wright's imaginary wars and actual felonies

Darryl Lee Wright had a bad day in Kirkuk, Iraq in August of 2005.  The Lieutenant with the Idaho National Guard was patrolling in his vehicle when a rocket exploded under the vehicle, flipping it.  He would tell others later about being “violently thrown and knocked unconscious from the percussion of the rocket’s impact"  And “Rubble and debris from the impact showered the sky for scores of meters.”

He even displayed pictures of the destroyed Humvee to folks who asked.  But........

The attack left Wright with post-traumatic stress disorder and a brain injury, he told federal agencies. As a result, he would lie in the fetal position in his bed most days, unable to hold down a job, cook meals or button his shirt.

But the story, prosecutors say, was a lie.

Yuo, and he used that lie to get $750,000 of your federal tax money.  I keep hearing that Stolen Valor is victimless, well, here's exhibit A.

“As far as anyone on our team getting hurt, no, that didn’t happen,” then-Capt. Mark Moeckli told the Associated Press earlier this year.

Prosecutors say Wright ramped up the drama in his retelling of the event to various federal agencies to get hundreds of thousands of dollars in disability payments.

To give his lie some heft, court documents say, Wright persuaded military officials to award him a Purple Heart and a Combat Action Badge.

How do you persuade someone to grant you those?  As a LT, wouldn't his CO have to have put him in?  What possible leverage could he have?

According to Philly,com:

"Darryl Lee Wright built an entire myth system on these two awards, relying on them to obtain every possible benefit that might be available to a wounded veteran," assistant U.S. attorneys David Reese Jennings and Gregory Gruber wrote in a sentencing memo. "Every time he won or qualified for a benefit, Darryl Lee Wright used the new benefit to bolster his claims for yet another undeserved benefit."

Want to get even madder about his actions?

In addition, they argued that he obstructed justice when he accused a co-worker in the U.S. Commerce Department of violating his privacy after she discovered and reported that he submitted fabricated National Guard orders in an effort to be paid for a week of skipped work.

The Commerce Department repeatedly tried to punish the whistleblower, Cristina Jackson, who wound up having to hire an employment lawyer to fight off the discipline. The department still has not publicly acknowledged her role in helping uncover Wright's fraud, though Jennings told The Associated Press her actions were "critical to uncovering the truth."

Seriously.  This is what we run through all the time.  A phony makes up stories, we broadcast them, and then we end up having to hire lawyers to prove we were telling the truth the whole time.  Think it doesn't happen often?  It happened to Jonn Lilyea yesterday.

Apparently Carmine Annunziata aka Luciano Benandanti thinks that I’m stalking him from my wheelchair. Of course, I’m not. I merely put publicly available information in one convenient place for folks who are interested in the subject. Luciano Benandanti was once known as Carmine Annunziata who pretended to be an Army major which is how we became interested in him years ago. Well, it came to our attention that he changed his name and founded a Wiccan church so we wrote about him to warn people that a felon had changed his name. He called it stalking. He told the judge that he started getting death threats and that strange automobiles were parked in front of his church recently and he tried to blame me for it....The judge dismissed the case without prejudice because there was no evidence that I was stalking Mr. Benandanti, nor could the judge find where Florida courts had jurisdiction over me.

Every day I have to check in with my team of lawyers because of these guys suing us so they can cling to their made-up heroism.  I hope Cristina Jackson got some relief from having to pay for her lawyers.  And after this clown stole our tax money, I wouldn't have a problem knowing that some of that money was re-couped and given to her.  

Any time someone stands up and does the right thing and gets punished for it, rational people should stand up and protest the injustice.

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