CBS Sunday Morning looks back at COP Keating with my friend Clint Romesha

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CBS Sunday Morning looks back at COP Keating with my friend Clint Romesha

For those that have not been with me from the very start, COP Keating was basically my blogging debut.  More on that later, but first the incredible story of the post from CBS Sunday Morning, and my buddy Clint Romesha did an incredible job.


I was just with Clint two weeks ago, and I have a copy of his book already, but haven't had a chance to read it. There's 4 books by Medal of Honor recipients about to stack up on me, so need to read them soon. I have Clint's, and those of Hiroshi Miyamura, Sammy Davis and my other friend Ryan Pitts.

Anyway, with regard to Keating, as the video made clear, the whole base minus the company Tactical Operations Center was on fire as they were pulling out. Which meant all their stuff, laptops, cameras, everything, got burned up. I decided to do a fund raiser here at the Legion to try to raise some money to help buy them new stuff. Never having done a "for cause" fund raiser like that before, I had no idea what to expect. After 2 weeks we had literally $250,000.

COP Keating is being taught now at West Point and in ROTC units. As well it should be. Was perhaps the worst placement of a FOB in history. Just looking at the video you can tell.

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I just finished the book " RED PLATOON " A well written account of COP KEATING. The bravery
of our fighting men was and still is unmatchable.

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