VA Fiduciary sentenced to 14 years for stealing $141,000 from veterans

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VA Fiduciary sentenced to 14 years for stealing $141,000 from veterans

I can't even begin to comprehend how someone could do this to veterans:

A woman was sentenced to fourteen years in federal prison on Thursday for embezzling over $141,000 in benefits from veterans.

Cornelia V. Hurling was sentenced by Senior United States District Judge David A. Ezra in San Antonio after she pleaded guilty to the felony of misappropriation by a Veterans Affairs fiduciary. Hurling was a resident of San Antonio.

The 58-year-old woman worked as a fiduciary for Veterans Affairs (VA) and had the responsibility of receiving and managing money for the benefit of veterans who were incompetent or incapable of handling their own affairs.

As a VA fiduciary, the San Antonio woman was responsible for taking care of the financial affairs of at least 22 veterans who had either been deemed by a court to be incompetent, or who were otherwise incapable of handling their own finances.

I can't even fathom this kind of evil.  Go read the whole thing over at Breitbart.


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I am sick to my stomach hearing about yet another travesty in the VA system. How are our Veterans denied the best care available after they have served their country? I am appalled and disgusted at how our Veterans are treated.

Why aren't crimes targeting veterans considered treasonous?

There are several reasons why a crime against veterans in this case is not considered treason. The first one, off the top of my head is "Treason" is against the country, or a smaller entity, not an individual. She was found guilty of either or both, embezzlement or misappropriation of funds, both are felonies.

Employees at the VA and CVSO's, VSO's stealing beneficiaries money by making themselves the "Fiduciary" without the knowledge of the Veterans, their Surviving Spouses and their family members. In Fayetteville, NC I went to get additional information to get my claim approved for DIC. Mr. Eric Reddrick is the CVSO who was took my case in June 2014. I gave him court stamped and certified documents. In August I received one letter for Death Pension and it was a "DENIAL" letter. I never received a letter about my DIC, however when I called the VA, I was told that I had been "AWARDED" DIC. I never received the letter and I faxed a request to the VA as instructed. I called Mr. Eric Reddrick and he told me that I was "DENIED". I never received a "DENIAL" letter as I repeatedly asked for one. Not only did the VA pay the money the person who received my money filed taxes in my name. The VA is re-routing our money to people other than the true beneficiaries. The VA is running a "CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE" and it is connected to CVSO's, VSO's and other thieves that have been able to get our benefits. In my case the VA actually has posted in my e-Benefits account that I have been receiving "COMPENSATION AND PENSION" since December 17, 2015, however I have not received a dime. The lawsuit will include a village of people who are involved in these "IDENTITY THEFT CRIMES", "TAX FRAUD", "BANK FRAUD" and "FIDICUARY FRAUD". They have all been warned. Now the FEDS will do the rest. Quancidine Hinson-Gribble, June 8, 2016.


I’ve been in this program unwillingly since 2015 and they are killing me plz someone help me my number is901-297-7478

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