Maryland court convicts man for Stolen Valor and fraudulent documents

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Maryland court convicts man for Stolen Valor and fraudulent documents

Not two days ago I said I try to avoid doing too many Stolen Valor stories, but this one has been nagging me endlessly for the past year, and it came to a conclusion yesterday, so wanted to share it.

On Christmas Eve of last year Jonn Lilyea did a story on a guy named Jason Scaletta, who occasionally went by the name Jason Grey.  And the other name was put to good use, because while he was claiming that he was jumping into Afghanistan as a Special Forces soldier, he was actually a guest of the Maryland Department of Corrections at the time.  

You should go read that link above (again, CLICK HERE) but he was the director of a veterans charity with claims of being an injured special forces soldier with extended combat duty in foreign theaters.  In actuality, he was a career criminal.  That alone should have raised numerous red flags.

So Jonn Lilyea had done the research, and as is customary, shared it all with me, so I could put a second pair of eyes on all the documentation.  This is needed, because sometimes the records themselves just happen to be wrong, but they are always wrong in the same ways, and it never hurts to double check your work.  One thing the records never do though is show you doing combat jumps halfway around the world when you are incarcerated.  Jonn and I agreed the documentation was solid, and then went the extra step to actually contact Scaletta/Grey as well as the organization.  We shared all the documentation, and explained to them that we didn't want to destroy their efforts, but that we would publish the story, and they should get ahead of the problem.

Our thanks in that regard was to receive this email from Scaletta's supervisor at the veterans organization:

You are a particular kind of stupid at you.

Having been told by your chain of command Jason is valid and to leave him alone you want to make further threats of filing false charges and turning peoples phone numbers over to the FBI.

Hollow threats from a moron who doesn't even understand what governing body has jurisdiction over what. I recommend you read the legal definition of fraud before you accuse someone of it.

I did take your advice and start an investigation: on you. your a pathetic little petroleum handler who is so jealous of real soldiers  that you have been for years fasley accusing them of crimes. You make fake women profiles on face book to harass people. Regardless of what evidence you are given to prove you wrong you continue to stick by your delusional assumptions. [...]

I personally think you have criminal intent in demanding peoples "documentation" from third parties. But I will clarify that with one of my relatives who was a senior deputy attorney general.

To contact some ones employer and declare them a fraud with no evidence at all is not only immoral but criminal. Apparently you didn't even read the website before you declared Jason a fraud.

News flash sparky. We already knew everything your information source told you about Jason. Everything! Operators sometimes use different last names, especially when a terrorist group like ISIS is running around kidnapping and beheading them.

You are now my new pet project. Regardless of what Jason does I will not rest until you are held accountable for your non-sense. 

So flash forward to yesterday, when WBOC was there for the criminal trial of Jason Scaletta, for the exact thing we informed his employer about 355 days ago:

WBOC-TV 16, Delmarvas News Leader, FOX 21 -

And just how long did the jury deliberate?

It took a jury in Wicomico County a little more than a half hour to decide that 34-year-old Jason Scaletta was not a military veteran and was guilty of the crimes he committed while representing himself as someone who has served his country.

Scaletta was found guilty Tuesday night of theft of more than $1,000 but less than $10,000 along with possession and use of false government identification.  Scaletta was arrested back in June after a police investigation revealed that Scaletta was saying he was a military veteran in order to receive benefits that he was not otherwise entitled too.

That investigation revealed that Scaletta was receiving help on his rent and electric bill from a veterans support organization.  According to military documents that Scaletta provided, he had three deployments overseas and was awarded numerous military service medals and honors.  Witnesses from the military testified on Tuesday that the two documents that highlighted Scaletta's military career were false and forged.

Here's the thing that was a dead give away to anyone who understands the Army.  Scaletta is 34 years old, and was wearing 3 combat infantryman's badges.  In order to have 3, one would have had to fight in Korea.  You do not get a CIB each time you deploy, you get 1 for each period of war, and this current period of war has been open since 1990.  These are not just minor errors that can be explained.

And where is our apology from the veterans organization that we gave the heads up to about the illegal activity of its employee?  We don't know, not only did we never get one, they have actually refused to respond to numerous emails sent since Mr. Scaletta was initially arrested.  


UPDATE:  Scaletta was given 10 years on these charges, and still faces Federal charges.  Additionally, I just received an apology from the organization, which has apparently let the individual who threatened me with the lawsuit go.  So a victory on all accounts.  The Maryland Department of Corrections now lists Scaletta as "Commitment Record Issued" which presumably means his 3 hots and a cot life has begun.

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

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I just want to say, Nice Job. Every time I read one of these it makes me sick and agree. I am a disable vet from the Air Force. I have so much respect for my brothers and sisters that have served and sacrificed for our country in any conflict. People like this deserve jail time or they should have to pick up a weapon and earn they have been calming, but ultimately they are cowards and would end up costing a real solder their life.

What a miserable life to lead, while using the stolen Valor of those who sacrificed for and earned it.
To the wanna-be heroes, might have to serve on a battlefield, bleed and / or die in service to your country in order to honorably be recognized as valorous. It is particularly onerous for someone to illegally purport himself as a soldier and then seek benefits for the lie as the real heroes go ignored and forgotten.
Congratulations for stopping this one.

Good job, too many posers out there. They do not have the guts to go into the Armed Forces. I'am glad he got jail time, too many good men have died up holding the honor of thier branch of sertvice. I'am a combat veteran of vietnam and served with the Marines and have a combat action ribbon. I hope they lock up all these fakers, again good job. It was also nice to here that the guy that sent you that nasty e-mail lost his job. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! to all Brothers and Sisters who served or are serving

Good job, too many posers out there. They do not have the guts to go into the Armed Forces. I'am glad he got jail time, too many good men have died up holding the honor of thier branch of sertvice. I'am a combat veteran of vietnam and served with the Marines and have a combat action ribbon. I hope they lock up all these fakers, again good job. It was also nice to here that the guy that sent you that nasty e-mail lost his job. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! to all Brothers and Sisters who served or are serving

Got what he diserved !!

The book, Fake Warriors by Mark Holzer is a good one to read. It lists several phonies, including, as I remember, a Lt. Colonel instructing at the Air Force Academy.
I'm 85 and a veteran of the Korean War and a Bronze Star holder.

According to the US Army Mil site, the criteria for a CIB comprises three parts. 1. Rank Colonel or below with an infantry or special forces MOS; 2. satisfactorily performed duty while assigned to an infantry/special forces unit, brigade or smaller; 3. served when the unit was engaged in active ground combat. Multiple awards are possible, but each award is for a different era (e.g. WWII, Korea, Vietnam, and following).

Note the MOS designation which is a requirement. I had an MP 1Lt assigned to my team in Vietnam doing the same job I did, but unless he had an infantry MOS on his record at the time, he was not eligible for a CIB.

Which is one reason the Combat Action Badge was created. It is awarded to people, like your MP buddy, who face direct action with the enemy but are not in the Infantry.

Good Job busting the fakes... You should have a You Tube channel like Don Shipley... Those videos of him busting frauds are hilarious

Don is a buddy of mine, and we are facing a lawsuit together right now.

If you watch Don's video about the phony SEAL lawyer power wannabe, you can hear my name mentioned. The lawsuit that clown references is his case against me.  And of course, I have a suit back against him!

Don is the greatest!

The POS should do their time as a janitor at a VA hospital so they can see FIRST HAND what we went thru .

The POS should do their time as a janitor at a VA hospital so they can see FIRST HAND what we went thru .

I volunteered for Army Airborne despite three potential deferments and was injured in training and never got to Viet Nam. I would never describe myself as a Viet Nam veteran. I am a Viet Nam-ERA veteran, which suggests that I am neither a hero nor a draft dodger. People who attempt to use fraudulent service or fraudulent wounds for special treatment should be stripped of any benefits they obtained, forced to pay restitution, and exposed to public scorn and ridicule, Jail time is a waste of taxpayers' money.

Lets see, the Senator from Connecticut (former state attorney general) claimed he was in country - repeated these fabrications on numerous - to veterans groups. Seems he had never left the USA - was elected to the senate anyway. We are led by professional politicians who have larger egos than IQ's, and the (dumbed down citizens) also known as sheeple haven't go a clue - nor do the vast majority of the Amerikan public care. A Merry Christmas an big Thanks to those who have earned our respect and their families who support our (my) veterans.

Great job. Thank you for catching this scum. My father and two uncles served with honor in WWII. People like Scaletta deserve nothing less than prison.

His feeble shi_ for brains kept him inside la-la land that he started believing himself. Now he needs to face realty, where he lives, that he may encounter a real bad-ass veteran who may have read/seen his story, and the Vet give him a few broken bones, jaw, ribs, arms, legs, concussion for life and make a quadrapaligic (sip) for life. With his tongue cut out, no more lies will be heard from him.

I am a former prisoner of war. I have heard many tales from wanna be's and have even sat on a jury for a court martial of a soldier who worked in administration where he was able to promote himself twice as well as issuing awards such as the Purple Heart, Bronze star medal, and even a Silver Star. I am Proud to have served in Vietnam and to have survived the wounds and the two years of captivity at the hands of the VC. I was shocked to read the letter above and hope that all veterans organizations will continue to check the claims for veterans benefits.

My stepfather was an actual Army vet who served during the Korean war. I had always suspected that a little portion of all of his wild war stories weren't true. Even though I served in the Air Force during a time of relative peace, as a 23-year retired vet, I knew enough about the way that the military works that his stories seemed too 'Hollywood' and 'fishy.' I didn't push it though. Then when he died, we found a DD214 and buried him with a marker in a national cemetery that displayed that he was a Lt Col with a Silver Star, as he'd always said. It wasn't until I was going through some old papers with my mother that I found the real DD214 that revealed that he'd never even served outside the US and was a Sergeant. To this day, his grave is marked incorrectly, but my mom has removed his shadowbox full of fake medals from her living room wall, and has not visited his grave in nine years because she is furious over this and other deceptions. I was just thinking as I read this: "I wonder if any of these guys ever realize that the glory they seek can be reversed in such a profound way? My stepfather could have been known as a gregarious and funny guy who honorably served his country. Instead, we feel that we never really knew him at all.

I served for a tad under 4 years as a Hospital Corpsman. I got FMS training at Camp Pendleton and orders to Viet Nam immediately upon graduation. However, I also had orders back to San Diego Naval Hospital for training as an operating room tech, and those took precedence. All my classmates went directly overseas. After my training, I was sent to Chelsea Naval Hospital near Boston and finished out my enlistment, often treating the REAL veterans whose bodies had paid a huge price for their service.

It sickens me that anyone would want to pose as a vet, yet alone as a decorated one. As a Viet Nam-Era vet, I echo John Koster. Jail is a waste of money on these people. Make an Unwanted poster and plaster it in their neighborhood. They are NOT the reason we have free speech!

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